Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Yesterday, I called the vet about Ziggy and his crouching issues. We agreed that he probably had a UTI. Fine. "Bring him in about 3:30." Fine. "Oh yeah....do you think you could also bring in a urine sample?"

Now, the first irrational thought that went through my mind was "his or mine?" That, luckily, did not come out of my mouth! Before I could even say anything, the girl on the phone was like, "probably not, huh?" I just laughed and said, "yeah, probably not."

After work, I quickly made my way home, brought in a carrier and let him explore it enough that he walked inside on his own. Now, don't think this will ever happen again! He didn't realize just what he was walking into! Poor Ziggy...he hates to ride anywhere, whether it is in a crate or in The Boy's arms. By golly, he is an inside cat and walking out the door does not make for a purring kitty.

After a 30 minute crying (not me, Ziggy) ride, we arrived safely at the vet's office. She takes us back and says that yes,she believes he has a UTI. Says she needs a urine sample, but because he won't pee on cue, he is going to have to spend the night. Or as long as it takes to get that sample. Great. Just what neither of us wants.

I had to sign a consent form for collection of a urine sample. As a nurse, this strikes me as kind of funny. They aren't going to do anything to him other than give him water to drink and sit back and wait for him to empty his bladder. And they need a consent form for that. If I had to have a consent form for everything I do to a child at school, I would have more paperwork than what I do have.

I ask what she plans to give him for the infection. She said that after she gets the sample and then makes positive that is what it is, she will probably want to have him take an antibiotic, like Amoxicillin for two weeks.

Two weeks?! Is she crazy?! Have you ever tried to give a cat medicine with a syringe? It is almost as bad as trying to give a cat a bath. And, I don't have The Boy's help. Good grief!

Then, being the hick that I am, I asked her if she could call that prescription into the Wal-Mart pharmacy! Yep...I did. She looked at me like I was a total loon, but she said "yeah, I think that is on their $4 list."

So, I left the cat, got in my car and after a 30 minute crying (me this time) ride, I arrived safely home. Called my Crazy Man and he laughed at me. Wow....feel the love? Me too.

Now I have to wait to see when I can go pick him up. Sinatra and I both hope that Ziggy will be home tonight.

I talked to The Boy last night before going to bed. He said they were closer to where they were going, but that it would still be probably Wednesday before arriving. I didn't tell him about Ziggy. I don't want him to freak out since there is nothing he can do. I will tell him after the antibiotics are all gone and everything is back to normal.

Guess now all I can do is wait. And imagine the look on the pharmacist's face when the vet calls in a prescription for Ziggy! Wish I could be there when my husband (who happens to be a not so fond lover of cats) stops by Wal-Mart and asks for his 'son' Ziggy's meds!

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