Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Summer is here! It has been in the 90s since last week. I hear all sorts of people complaining, but I would rather it be hot than cold. I don't mind the hot. Granted, it is a bit warm when you can just sit outside, in the shade, and sweat... The heat index has been anywhere from 105 to 110 everyday, so there have been heat advisories in effect from light to dark. This morning, it was 85 degrees on my way to work at 7:30.

My Crazy Man and I mowed the yard on Friday and Saturday. Yes, two days! I told you I live in the sticks, remember?! Anyway, we were on riders, so it wasn't too bad. We borrowed my dad's so it wouldn't take us as long working together. I hadn't been able to mow for a couple of weeks because it rained everyday. We mowed from 7:30 pm until 9:30 pm on Saturday night. (When we came in, the thermometer read 90.) Then we got up and mowed from 7:30 am until 9:30 am on Sunday morning. It was hot then too!

We own about 9.25 acres, and my Crazy Man says that we only mow about 2 of it. Sure feels like I mow more than that! It usually takes me and The Boy about 4 hours after school to mow. Of course that is because we do it once a week usually, so the grass isn't as tall as what it was this weekend.

7 down, 7 to go!

Ziggy is getting better. We are on day 7 of his meds. I've only gotten about 10 scratches total. Just over one a day isn't too bad I don't guess. I know he is feeling better though because he has started to fight more. He also runs when he sees the towel come out. Silly cat! He actually lets me wrap him up and doesn't struggle at all (when I catch him). He clamps his teeth together and when I finally get them apart is when he starts to fight. Only 7 days to go!

17 down, 3 to go!

Only 3 days left of summer school. Yay! I am really over this whole summer school thing. I have so many other things that I would rather be doing. Like reading a book, or sleeping late in the morning, or staying up late at night! Matter of fact, I would rather be doing most anything than working at a job that I am not being paid to be working.

9 down, way too many left to go!

The Boy has been gone 9 days now. I miss him terribly. I didn't get to talk to him last night. Either he had turned off the cell phone, or there was no signal. I left him a couple of messages, but he never called me back. I hate this. I really do. I am fighting tears again this morning over it.

Everyone asks me if he is doing ok. I don't know. The last two days that I talked to him, he sounded sad. He told me that he "basically just played my game." He took a gaming system with him and he said that was "pretty much" all he had been doing. We talked to him on Father's Day and my Crazy Man asked him if he had gone anywhere or done anything and the response was "no." I know he likes to play that game, but come on. He could be at home doing the same thing, in his own room, on his own bed, with his own cat and his own mom.

I hate this. I want him home. Now.

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