Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weird Wednesday

It is not even 9am and it already qualifies as a Weird Wednesday.

The vet called this morning and said that Ziggy finally decided to give them a urine sample. Which means that he will get to come home today. I know that I didn't like the fact that he had to stay again last night at the vet's office, and I am sure that he didn't like that fact either. But, he did go and yes he does have "a nasty UTI" according to the vet.

I asked what his prescription would be written as and how much it would cost if I were to get it from her. She told me it would be written as 100mg twice a day for 14 days and would cost me about $20. She then told me that if I were to get it at the Wal-Mart pharmacy, there would be way too much and she didn't know how I would be able to get the liquid amount. I told her that I would call her back.

I called Wal-Mart and was told that he wasn't quite sure how to do that. Now come on. I know I am a nurse and not a high paid pharmacist, but even I know that docs call in all the time for young children with this same type of request. How hard is it to mix up the 250mg per 5ml and have me give him about 2ml at a time?? They do this all the time for infants! Just because I am giving it to a cat doesn't change the way it is dosed!

Anyway, the guy finally figured it out. Of course he had to tell me "you are going to have a bunch left over." Big deal! When he is only going to charge me $4, I don't think I am going to cry over having to dump a portion of it. And, not only that, I may need extra since I am not envisioning this to be a very easy task!

I don't know. Maybe this isn't as weird as I think it is. Then again, maybe it is weirder (is that a word?) than I think.

I talked to The Boy last night. He seems to be doing fine. They still have not arrived in Vermont. When I talked to him, he was eating a snack (which is not surprising) and that he had had steak for supper. I don't think he is quite ready to come home yet. He cracks me up though. He told me that it is a little strange to use the bathroom when you are rolling down the road! I made a joke which he didn't get (not surprising!) and he then proceeded to tell me how the toilet works in an RV. That was not surprising either!

As for me, I am working on being fine with him gone. Some hours it is easier than others. It is easiest while I am at work, since he isn't with me normally those hours anyway. The hardest is when I get home from work and it is just me and the animals. I don't like going to bed at night when I can't see that he is fine. I know I hear his voice, but hearing and seeing are two entirely different things. I am sure that I will notice just how gone he really is when I go to the grocery store! I guess there are good and bad points to his not being at home, huh?

Yes, this is a boring post, but my life is not always glitz and glamour! Actually, it is rarely glitz and glamour! But, again, if others out there want to follow along, then they are more than welcome!

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  1. Hey Ima,
    I have been reading your blog since Monday when I commented that I'm a hick, too. I said then that we have a lot in common, both being nurses with 14 year olds on the autism spectrum. We also have a cat who hates to ride in the car needing meds in common. We have an orange tabby named Midnight (don't ask) who had a parasitic disorder that affected his liver and he was on antibiotics, steroids (in tablet form!)and vitamins for about 4 months! I actually think getting the pills down was easier than the liquid vitamins. Good luck and hope Ziggy is well soon!

    I am sure that you miss the Boy desperately. I am encouraged though, to hear about a kid on the autism spectrum who is able to be away from home for 4 weeks. It sounds as though he is doing well with his grandparents. As much as our son loves his grandparents, and they adore him, I am not sure that they could do 4 weeks together. It sounds as though your son is very high functioning and that is a blessing...

    I will be back... I have made your site a favorite! Take care.... gin