Friday, June 12, 2009

Finally Friday

10 down and 10 to go. Days of summer school that is. Just finished up the second field trip not to long ago. Only two more to go. Went bowling today. Talk about funny! Watching the pre-k kids is downright hilarious sometimes!
Somebody came by to look at the wreck of a truck we now own to decide how much the insurance was going to pay. Seems like it is going to be almost exactly the amount that the bank had said they would need to release the title. Feels a little strange to me, but the hubby says that it is all legit. So, I guess we will be getting a check at some point in the (hopefully) near future.
This weekend is going to really stink. Not going into details at this moment because I don't want to cry yet. Will try to type about it on Monday.
I am actually in the library using one of their computers before I head out to get The Boy and then grab a bite to eat.
This is a really short post, but then again, it doesn't matter, since I am the only one reading it! Gotta run. Been in the library for a while, so maybe someone is missing me!

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