Monday, June 15, 2009

Life in a Country Song

My kid is gone, his cat is sick, the truck is wrecked and it is raining. I think that could be a country song!

Yes, all the above is true. You know about the truck being wrecked. The Boy left yesterday morning with his father's parents. They are headed to Vermont where that side of the family is from. He will be gone until July 10 unless he requests to come home. If that happens, then his father is supposed to go pick him up. Yeah, you heard right...his father isn't even with him.

This whole thing came about a couple months ago when grammy called to ask if The Boy could go with them. They planned on leaving on June 14 and would bring him home when they left VT on August 2. I didn't say what I wanted to say and instead just said "let me think about it and talk it over with my husband."

We talked to his counselor two different times and I made my point known. Which, of course, was "not happening." Now, don't think that I am such a jerk that I didn't want him to go. It isn't that. I know he needs to go spend time with that side of the family. His father is supposed to get him for two weeks out of the summer. I can't say a thing about what he does during those two weeks, even if I don't like him going. But, I can say something when they want to take him for the entire summer!

Anyway, I was told by his father that I was being selfish and that I needed to compromise and let him go. He told me that "it is all about you." He told me that he was not going to Vermont, but that The Boy "needed" to.

I don't like it, but I allowed him to go. I feel like I did compromise in letting him go for 4 weeks instead of the two I am required to let him go. I don't like the idea for several reasons, but I let him go. But, according to his father, I didn't compromise enough because he didn't get to be gone the entire time. AND not only should he have been gone the whole time, but his father should have gotten his two weeks from June 1 thru June 14. Yeah....right.

Anyway, I am not doing well with this. I cried (oh wait...I did not cry) when I dropped him off with his grandparents yesterday morning at 9 am.

Then, last night when I got home, Ziggy was acting weird. He actually was acting strange on Saturday, but it was worse last night. He was exploring like normal, but every few minutes, he would crouch like he was going to use the bathroom. I caught him once and took him to the litter box. But, he didn't go. He got out, went exploring again, and crouched again. This time, when he moved, there was a drop of liquid, but it was bloody. I think he may have a urinary tract infection. This is something I do not need right now. I am hoping that is all it is and nothing bad happens to him while The Boy is gone. Talk about devastated. I am going to call the vet in a little bit and see if I can get him in this afternoon.

On a good note, I did get The Boy's final grades this morning. He has an "A" or "A-" in everything. I am really proud of him! He works really hard to get those grades. Living with autism is a roller coaster sometimes and I will probably write that post in a day or two.

Until then, I am going back to my country song. And try not to cry.

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