Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rest in Pieces

"Remember those scratches on the tailgate of the ranger that were starting to rust? Well, we don't have to worry about taking care of them anymore."

That was the phone call I received by my Crazy Man yesterday around 1pm. His dad had been driving our truck because his had been on the fritz. I thought that maybe he had touched them up or something. Oh no. Silly me. Because his next comment was: "My dad just called to say that he had totaled out the truck."

Holy crap! Evidently he swerved to miss a deer. When he did, he hit the edge of the road, hit a culvert and flipped the truck at least once. He said it landed upside down. I guess his dad took inventory of himself, crawled
out of a window, called the highway patrol and then called my Crazy Man. I learned later that he also called his wife and asked that she come pick him up with an empty trunk!

He swore that he was fine, with just a bunch of bumps, bruises and cuts. We insisted that he go to the hospital to be checked out though. Especially since he had one cut that seemed to be bleeding quite a bit. So, he went. Got his arm bandaged and a chest x-ray taken. They sent him home with pain meds and muscle relaxants. Other than that, he is fine.

The truck on the other hand, is not. It is definitely a goner. We had just replaced the back glass not too long ago because I had somehow managed to destroy it. That, of course, was without a scratch. The rest...not so lucky!

Oh well, at least the driver is ok. The truck can be replaced. The man cannot.

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