Thursday, June 11, 2009

Weird Wednesday

The title says it all. Yesterday was a weird day.

First off, I had to get up much earlier than what I normally do to get The Boy to his grandparent's house so they could get him to my Big Little Brother's house so he could stay with my Little Little Brother. He has been staying with him since I am at summer school and he didn't want to go.

Then, I get to work and it is just a total breakd
own there. Stupid things that people do. That is all I can/will say about that.

Finally left work. Went home where I walked in to the lovely smell of roast cooking that I had put on in the morning. Always nice to come home to a home cooked meal. Would have been better if it had been someone else who was doing the cooking tho!

Made several phone calls trying to get medical things taken care of. The Crazy Man got hurt on the job back in December and ended up getting several stitches in the top of his head. Easy, huh? Workman's
comp should take care of it. Yeah...right. Fool people denied that claim, but paid the one to take out the stitches. Have yet to figure that one out. Now, of course, the doctor wants to turn us over to collections because we won't pay the bill. I personally don't think this is my responsibility to be trying to get someone besides me to pay for this, but I guess we have figured out how wrong that thought is. So, still trying to get someone to talk to me and get it taken care of.

My Crazy Man finally got home and we had some really good food. (If I do say so myself!) When he was getting things out to the
truck to be ready for the morning, he hollers for me to come out also. I get out there and he says "listen". I hear some screeching in the trees, but don't know what it is. He points out a couple of birds, that he thinks are hawks. I don't really see what he is looking at, but then one of them flys off to another tree. I run inside to get the camera to see if we can zoom in on him so I can tell exactly what kind of bird it is. Mind you it is just about dark, so it is hard to tell what we are looking at. I get the camera, zoom in as close as I can and get a few shots. Still unable to tell exactly what kind of bird it is. So, I use the handy dandy feature on the camera and am able to zoom in on that picture. From the screeching sound it was making, I would have never guessed that the bird we were watching was an owl! Talk about surprised! I called my grandma later and she told me that it was probably a Screech Owl. She says there aren't many of them and they may have a nest near the house.

Then, while she and I were talking, it just opened up and poured. Like water out of a bucket! I had just been outside, and there was not a rain cloud anywhere to be seen, let alone any thunder and lightening that was making an appearance also. Weird weather on a weird Wednesday.

I was also told that my cousin made it home from the hospital on Tuesday night. He is doing ok, but will be missing the class that he was enrolled in at college. He is pretty sore and tired, but is doing much better.

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