Monday, June 8, 2009

Last Few Days

It has been a little chaotic the last few days around here. That is not the reason I haven't posted though. That reason would be because like I said in the first post, I don't have constant access to a computer.

Thursday after school was out, I went to the doc. All things good, come see me again in a year! Yaay for me! Have been seeing him every
6 months for a couple of years and I'm over it!

Then, we gathered The Boy and The Little Little Brother
and grabbed a bite to eat before we headed to the Jeff Dunham show. Three and a half hours of non-stop laughter! Of course there was the drama before we even got inside. The Boy decided (don't ask me why...he is a boy) to try to stand on the handrail by the steps near where we parked. He fell backward, landing on his back and scraping his elbow. Neither I nor my Crazy Man saw this as we were busy getting things out of the vehicle. The Little Little Brother said that he tried to catch him, but missed. I think it scared The Boy more than it hurt him. Being the terrible mom that I am, I didn't have anything to clean it when it decided to start bleeding 10 minutes later, so I had to beg a wet wipe from a mom in line in front of us. Once we were able to get inside, we tracked down a security guard who took us in to the bowels of the venue for first aid treatment.

We tried to get the security guy to take us to meet Jeff Dunham, but he told us that he was on the opposite side of the venue. I then told The Boy " I pushed you down for nothing!." Luckily the security guard laughed instead of calling DFS. The Boy didn't think it was nearly as funny!

We stayed after the show to try to get an autograph, but Jeff Dunham didn't bother to come greet anyone.

Earlier in the afternoon, I had gotten a phone call from my grandma. My cousin, who is about 21 I guess, had to have surgery earlier in the day. Grandma called to update me on that. When I answer, the first thing I hear is...."I got some bad news." Now...if someone calls you for the express purpose of reporting how a surgery went, these are not the words you want to hear! For that matter, no matter what they are calling you for, you don't want to hear these words first thing out of someone's mouth!

Anyway, she tells me that while doing a laproscopic procedure, the doc nicked an artery and had to make a fairly decent size incision so he could correct his mistake. Because of the mistake, my cousin was receiving blood and was under anesthesia for a lot longer. Supposedly at the time of the call, he had been taken to the recovery room.

On Friday morning, my mom calls to say that on Thursday night around 9pm, my cousin was taken back into surgery because a vascular surgeon came in and decided that the way the artery was fixed would not hold.
He decided that a better repair should be done immediately. All of this ended with him having at least 6 units of blood and two major surgeries in less than 8 hours. As of Saturday, he was being transferred out of the ICU and into his own room where they were hopeful he would go home yesterday evening or early today.

Saturday, we went on a motorcycle ride about an hour or so away to a place called Black Powder Days. They have a couple of fields set up with tents and teepees and folks dressed like they are in the 1800s. They fire off canons inside an old army post and have all sorts of cool things going on. Saw a lot of stuff that nobody should have to see (fat men in loin cloths). Went with a couple of friends and had a pretty good time.

Sunday was a day to buy groceries and rest. So, we did!

Unfortunately, today, I am back at work. Oh well. The things we do to make sure our kids eat, huh?

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