Thursday, June 25, 2009


I talked to The Boy last night. He survived being left alone while his grandparents left and did whatever it was they did. That makes me feel better!

Anyway...he told me that they took him to Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream factory yesterday. He got to go on the tour to see how they make the ice cream. He has been once before, but he was pretty young. He does remember going then though.

When he went yesterday, he said that he got to have some vanilla (his favorite) and then he tasted "some that had orange and vanilla mixed together." He told me "they said it was new and that was the sample they were giving out." I asked if he tried it and liked it. I was told "yeah, it was ok." I was surprised! He actually tried it! My mom was surprised when I told her too. He is not big into trying new things. But, he likes orange sherbet and he likes vanilla ice cream, so he would probably have liked it.

Other than that, he told me that he was "just playing my game." I know he likes to play video games, but come on! When he is home, I try to limit the time he plays them. Evidently, there are no rules about that when he is gone from home. This, of course is not new.

That is one of the things that he likes about going to his dad's I think. He has no real rules. He pretty much does what he wants when he wants. That makes it more difficult when he gets home though since he does have rules at my house. Matter of fact, his father has accused me of having too many rules. Sorry, but I don't think it is appropriate for him to sit in front of video games all day. And, I think he should have to help me mow the yard, and empty the litter box, and take out the garbage and burn the trash, and keep his room somewhat neat, and feed the cats and throw his laundry in with the dirty clothes. Maybe those are really rules, but chores. Either way, he has them. And I see no reason he shouldn't be doing them. He also has to go to bed and get up in the morning at a decent hour. I also prefer that he respect everyone and lose the attitude that he sometimes comes up with. I don't recall these things being any different for him than they were for me when I was growing up.

I know his dad would totally disagree with that paragraph. He would tell me that The Boy has rules and chores at his house too. He would also tell me that I am unreasonable with all the things that I want The Boy to help with/do. I have been told that I expect too much from him. For that matter, I expect too much from everyone. Then there are the times that the man tells me that I treat The Boy like a baby and that I am going to have to let him grow up. (I hear that one all the time.)

Maybe I am a bit overprotective. But, he is my only child. Not on purpose, but for reasons beyond my control. He also has issues that most other kids his age do not have. I want to keep him safe.

I want to make sure that he grows up to be a productive member of society. And I want him to be polite and respectful. A lot of kids don't know what that means anymore. I have been told more than once that he is polite and respectful of others. That makes me proud to know that people notice that. I feel like once they notice those things, they are going to also notice just how bright my son is. Then hopefully they will see him for the things he can do, and not the things that he has trouble with.

I have great hopes for The Boy. And I think it all starts with what happens in the home. If that means he has rules and chores, then by golly, he is going to have rules and chores! If that is what makes my son stand out in society, then that is what he is going to have! I love him too much to hold him back by not enforcing those things.

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