Thursday, June 18, 2009

No Great Title Comes to Mind

Ziggy made it home last night. He was really happy to be home. As a matter of fact, Sinatra and I were happy too! He had to be able to see me or he cried though. Guess he thought I was running away from him again or something.

Went and picked up his medicine at Wal-Mart after I picked him up. That was fun! You would think that they would have it filled and waiting on me since it was 5pm and it had been called in before 9am. Nope. They said they couldn't fill it until I gave them an address, phone number and birthdate. I wanted to ask why they didn't get that from the person calling it in since I would hope that they do that when a prescription is called in for a child. But, they didn't. So, I had to wander around Wal-Mart for half an hour until they got it ready. And, no, Ziggy does not like taking his medicine! As of this morning, I have gotten three doses in him though!

I talked to The Boy last night. He has made it Vermont. Said they were at one of the great uncle's houses. They are close to Lake Champlain from my understanding. I asked him if he had already been swimming. He told me "that water is really cold". He said that it was "probably 50 degrees." So, I don't know how soon he thinks is going to want to swim! If it were as hot there as it was here yesterday, it probably would have felt pretty good. He did tell me that he plans to take the paddle boat out today. I asked him who was going to be going with him and he said that he thought he would probably be by himself. I reminded him that he had to have an adult watching him in case he had problems.

I know it is a really good thing letting him go on this trip. I am still worried about it though. He has never been away from me for a month at a time. He goes to his father's house for two weeks out of the summer, but he is close enough that I can get to him quickly if need be. This time, he is so far away, that if he needed me in a hurry, it would take about 24 hours to reach him.

I guess the main reason I am worried is because he has to have boundaries set and I know that a lot of the time when he is with that side of his family, there aren't many of those. His father and his family tell me that it is my fault that The Boy is the way he is. They say that if it weren't for me "doctor shopping" until I found someone who would give him the diagnosis that I wanted him to have, then there would be no problem. All of this, even though at one point, they were the ones who were complaining about the way he acted and wanted to know "what is wrong with him."

As you may notice, I don't really get along with that side of The Boy's family. It all really started when his father and I decided to get married. I came in with a ring and he made the announcement. His sister (his only sibling and older by 11 months) told us that my ring should have been bigger and not to plan on getting married before her. She said that she was engaged first and therefore would be getting married first. And her parents agreed. Whatever. Didn't make me no never mind. We did end up getting married before her though, due to circumstances beyond my control.

When I found out that I was pregnant with The Boy, his father had decided the week before to get out of the army reserves and go active duty. When we told his mother that we had two announcements, she said ok, tell me. The Boy's father said to her, "well, first I will be going active duty soon and we are expecting a baby in October." His mother looked at me, then looked back at him and asked, "where will you be stationed when you go active duty?" I left the room crying. She never did say anything about the pregnancy. A week later, we told his sister and her husband at supper. She threw down her utensils and said "she can't be pregnant because I want to have the first grandchild." Her mother said, "you do have the first grandchild, hers will be my second." She was referring to my brother in law's child from a previous relationship.

After that, it never got better. I was accused of a lot of things that were not true. The worst though, has been that I am the one who caused my son to be the way he is.

Actually, now that I think about and type it out like that, maybe that is the nicest thing they have ever said about me! After all, The Boy is kind, considerate, polite, smart, getting funnier by the day, handsome and loving. Yep, I'm sure it was the nicest thing they ever said.

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