Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow Fun

It has been a few days since I was last here.  But, we didn't make it back to school until Tuesday and then I was working on getting things caught up.  Amazing how if you aren't at work on Monday, you have to do double on Tuesday even with no kids at school either.  And, I know that it is early in the afternoon now, but I guess better late than not posting at all, huh?!

We were expecting all sorts of snow to hit us last Thursday night.  Did it?  Nope. Not a flake to be seen.  And yet we didn't have school.  Of course the one in charge of calling school off didn't do so until I was ready to walk out the door!  By that time, there were already staff members at school, most on their way, and kids outside waiting on the bus.  It was a cluster for sure. 

It did start to snow later in the morning, but at bedtime, we had not gotten nearly the 4-8 inches like we were told we would have at that point.  I did get some nifty pictures while it was snowing though.




I love the little squirrel!  That one and the two of the male and female cardinals were taken through my grandma's kitchen window.
On Saturday morning, this is how much we woke up to:
Yep, 7.75 inches was the official total.  My dad stuck a ruler into the snow on top of my car just to see.  He then told me that I needed to go take a picture of it.  So, a picture I took!

Unfortunately, this happened to be the weekend that The Boy was with the DNA Donor.  He said that where he was, there were five foot drifts at some points.  I thought that was kind of interesting and would have made for some pretty nifty pictures!

Because we were getting a lot of snow being forecasted, most of my family headed over to my grandparent's home.  They live in town and those of us who live in the sticks didn't want to get stranded, so we went to her house.  I convinced Little Little Brother to stay with us instead of at Big Little Brother's house since this was all supposed to be here to play in on Friday.

But, because the snow didn't show until Saturday, The Boy was gone so they couldn't play like planned.  Instead, I got myself all bundled up and went with Little Little Brother to the park across the street from the grandparent's house.

There we found a decent sized hill where we began to pack it down so we could sled.  We played for three hours, just the two of us!  Near the end of our playing, Crazy Man came up with the camera.  I took the ones all the pictures except the ones that have me in them.

We made a nifty little bump that we could jump, as you can tell.
This is how we rode down the hill together.  It wasn't too bad....until we hit that bump!  That is how I got all the bruises.  And yes, there are plenty!

We also were playing Criss-Cross.  Little Little Brother and I would head down the hill at the same time, but he headed toward the bump and I would bypass it.  We would see if we would miss each other or if we would collide.  Most of the time we missed each other.  But there were a few times that we didn't!

On Sunday, after The Boy got home, we went back to the sledding hill.  Let me tell ya....after a night of freezing, those paths we made were even faster!


We only spent an hour or so on Sunday because the sun was quickly going down once The Boy got home.  But we still had a really good time!

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