Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dear Someone

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Today is another day of Dear Someone letters.  Once again being hosted by Short Mama.  And let me just say, this couldn't have come at a better time because I have a few things to address!

Dear Mother Nature:  What has gotten your panties all in a twist lately?  Are you and Father Time having an argument or something?  Should you really be taking it out on us defenseless folks here who are just trying to get by in life?  I mean much snow are you gonna dump on everyone before you two kiss and make up?

Dear Tax Guy:  Thanks for getting Grandma into such an uproar.  You have her all worried and near tears now.  I understand that you were just doing your job and trying to look out for her and Grandpa by letting her know that she should really have medical and financial power of attorney drawn up and that she needed to make sure that someone besides the two of them were listed on all of their assets to make sure it all stays out of probate once they are gone.  I understand.  But when you tell an 80-something year old woman who has a 90-something year old husband that this needs to be done, she starts to get a little upset.  And I completely get why too.  Thanks for reminding us that there may not be a lot of years left for them.

Dear Grandma:  Just because this tax guy told you to do all of the above, it doesn't mean that you are going to die in the next few days.  I am glad that you are getting it all taken care of, even though you thought everything was already in order.  Guess with new laws coming into effect every year things change, huh?  Also, I know that you all have picked out your burial plots and even already have the headstone engraved with everything but the last date...but I don't really want to talk about it!  And, please don't tell me all the time that you think Grandpa is just "holding on until his birthday."  Remember that his birthday is also mine, and it will be here in the next few days.

Dear Boyfriend: Give her a hug and tell her you love her.  She needs those things whether she tells you she does or not.  She just buried her father.  Give her time.

Dear Mail Order Prescription Company:  I'm still waiting.....

Dear Crazy Man's Boss:  Thank you for letting Crazy Man work in the warehouse on the day that it was too unsafe for him to drive.  The Boy also thanks you since it is his belly that would be empty without Crazy Man's paycheck!

Dear Superintendent and School Board:  I need a raise.  Please.  When we miss making the cutoff for free lunches by less than $100 a month, I need a raise.  Thanks.

Dear Me:  Just a reminder that you have lost your mind.  And it hasn't been found yet.  Probably because we don't have the extra money to offer a reward for its return.  Guess you will just have to learn how to function without it until some boy scout finds it and returns it out of the graciousness of his heart.

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  1. Taxes and financial stuff stress me out and I'm not that old. There are days when I'm awfully glad that my head is attached, cause I know I'd lose it.

  2. You are getting the snow and we are getting the rain!!

  3. I always enjoy these dear so n so letters