Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Secret Wishes

On Valentine's Day I got a text message.  Lots of folks out there did I am betting.  This one, however, wished me a "Happy valentines day, sweetie."  Still not an unusual text to receive.  But this one came from a number that I did not recognize.  And neither did Crazy Man.

I sent them a text in return to let them know that I appreciated the message, but that both my husband and myself were curious as to who the message was from.  When I didn't get a response, we assumed that the sender was kicking him/herself because they sent it to the wrong number.  So, we just laughed about it and carried on with our lives.

On Saturday, we were eating when I got a text message.  This one wished me a "Happy birthday, sweetie."  Again, not unusual since it actually was my birthday.  But it was from the same number as the valentine's message.  The one that I didn't recognize.  

I thought it was funny.  Crazy Man?  Not so much! 

I just laughed and sent a message back letting them know that we obviously knew each other but that their name was not showing up.  I then asked if they could at least give me a clue as to who they were and thanked them for the birthday wishes.

Crazy Man wanted me to immediately call the number.  I told him that I may still not know since they didn't have to answer the call.  And, if they didn't have a voicemail set up, then it still wouldn't give him the answer that he wants.  

He then went to the internet to see if he could track down the owner of the number in that manner.  He could...if he paid.  He decided that it wasn't worth that much!

He tells me that he is not a jealous man.  Seems to me that he is a bit more jealous than he thinks he is!  

Would I like to know who it is that sent me those messages?  Sure.  But not knowing is also fun.

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