Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dear Someone

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I found this and thought, "hmmm....there are a few things I would like to say to folks, and had been writing it out anyway, so why not link up with others?"  So, Short Mama hosts this weekly Dear Someone letter writing and I think it is time to get some things off my chest.
Dear Crazy Man:  I'm sorry that I have been an absolute horrid wife recently.  They tell me that it is my thyroid causing all sorts of issues and this is one of them.  They promise me that it will get better once all the meds and stuff are working like they are supposed to be working.  I am trying.  But, is it really a bad thing to have to take an anti-depressant?  I haven't filled it yet because I know that you don't want me to take it.  However, just remember that I am not really like that chick you used to know many years ago that was actually crazy and taking meds.  This is just a short term thing that will be fixed once the docs fix my thyroid.

Dear Mail Order Prescription Place:  I called you the other night to get my asthma meds refilled only to find out that you won't fill them because even though there are refills left, you say the actual prescription is too old.  I don't believe you.  It was written less than a year ago.  How can it be too old?!  Now, thanks to you, I will be out of the medication that has kept me under control for so long.  And, unless you pick up the pace and get those meds to me, I will have no more as of Saturday night.  And even though I have been told that blue brings out the color of my eyes, I don't think blue as a skin tone would be nearly as pretty.
Dear Parents:  Please do not send your child to school sick.  Especially after I sent them home the day before with a fever and a note telling you that they have to be fever free without medication to keep it down for at least 24 hours. Please.  And while we are at it...if the child in your care has seizures and needs anti-seizure medications while at school, please send the medicine to school for your child. And if you forget to send it, at least be available to be reached so that you can bring it in.
Dear Photoshop Elements People:  Thank you so much for making such a great photo editing program.  You all are wickedly smart to be able to do something like that.  If only you were also smart enough to include some instructions with the software.

Dear Big Truck Driver:  Do you realize that you nearly squished my carload of people into a police car as you ran that red light?  Yeah, the red light that had been red long enough for both myself and the officer in the lane beside me to actually hit the gas and get into the lane before you decided to turn in front of us.  I am sure that you know this now since the officer saw the terrified looks on our faces and flipped his lights on to pull you over as he changed his mind to follow you instead of going wherever he had been headed.
Dear Friend's Ex:  Driving with your two kids in the truck at 7:30 in the morning, being pulled over by the police and blowing over 2 1/2 times the legal limit for alcohol?  Really?!  And you thought this was an okay thing to do?  Tell the judge that.  Hopefully he will set you straight.

Dear DNA Donor:  I am still waiting on those EOBs from the insurance company.  Yep.  I am thinking that nine years would be long enough for you to have given those to me.  After all, you receive them at least once a month.  There is no way that you could honestly forget.

Dear Child Support People:  I have yet to understand how you people survive.  Since I am almost certain that you folks are not truly smart enough to do so.  Then again, maybe you all are so smart that I just don't follow you.  The DNA Donor is required by law to provide child support through you.  I am just obligated to put it into my account.  I didn't choose for you to be in control.  Why am I the one who is charged for you to accept money on my behalf?  Why do you not make him pay the extra money instead of taking it out of what he owes me?  And, supposedly when I call you guys to talk about the child support, you have no record of me.  Huh....

Dear Lazy Check Drawing People:  I have just been informed that according to the state, or the courts, or whoever, that it is perfectly fine for you to get a check in the name of your child every month for well over $1000.  All because he requires medication which you get for free but refuse to give to him so that you can continue to say he is disabled.  I am going to assume that you are also the people who refuse to work, file income taxes and receive thousands of dollars in return.  How does that happen?!  Crazy Man and I each work full time and for the past couple of years have had to pay more in than what was held out of our checks.  And you sit at home getting free food and housing and medical care, dressing better than I do, driving a nicer vehicle and not paying a dime into the system...getting huge income tax returns.  Keep it up and I will have to get a second job just to support you. (Which makes me wonder why it is that I can't claim you on my income taxes since I am providing everything you need to live.)  Congratulations.  You have figured out the system.  Pass it on to your children so that mine will have to support them just as I am supporting you.  Maybe by then the IRS will decide that he can claim them also.

Dear Followers:  Look! There is another one of you!  Thanks!


  1. Thanks so much for joining in!

    I hate that parents send their kids to school sick! I keep my daughter home even if she doesnt have a fever but just doesnt feel good. I dont want to risk other peoples kids getting sick and wish other parents had the same respect!

  2. "DNA Donor"...I love it! Glad you got things off your chest! GRRRR to the people who abuse the system, while the rest of us work hard to make an honest living, and support them as well!