Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea
It is that time of week again.  Thank goodness!  Mrs. 4444 is hosting Friday Fragments!  Skip on over there to read everyone else's noncohesive thinking for the week.  Of course, you should do that after you finish here!

I tried to post something about my trip to Jefferson City with pictures and all, but the pictures wouldn't load for whatever reason.  I will attempt to do that next week.  Maybe things will go better.

I have been hunting online for tutorials to walk me through some of the things that can be done with Photoshop Elements.  And I have actually used one of them to play around with making the eyes "pop".  I didn't save it or anything because I also was messing around with the layer stuff and it didn't really come out the way I was hoping.  But, yay for me that I actually got it to do what it was supposed to do!
The Boy was the Lab Assistant during his Biology class this week.  Every week, the teacher chooses someone who is keeping a nice binder full of the stuff she wants in it in the order that she wants it in there plus has good grades to be the Lab Assistant.  For that week, the chosen student does not have to do any of the assignments for the class.  On top of that, they are also rewarded with not having to take any quizzes or tests that there may be that week.  Today there was a test, so The Boy was excited about not having to take it.  This will be the first time that has happened.  The last time he was named Lab Assistant, they didn't have any tests that he got out of.  He is excited about it!

As of today, on February 15th, The Boy will be going to meet someone who is working in the new Autism Center in town.  They are supposed to be doing an "interview" with him and filling out some paperwork/evaluations on him.  They have several programs that he may benefit from.  We had gone through all sorts of evaluations about 18 months ago, but they said that he was kind of young for them to be working with.  Matter of fact, I didn't get all the reports until this Monday.  They have now decided that they may be able to work with him now.  Guess we will see what happens.  And I am sure that I will be making posts about it as we go.

My feelings were a bit hurt this week.  My Great Grandfather had a fiddle that he would play when he was alive.  He owned it before he ever married my Great Grandmother.  One of his wishes was that it be passed to his first grandchild, which is my dad.  Long story short, my dad has had the fiddle for about 30 years, but it was hidden away.  I have always known about it and have asked numerous times to see it.  I also said that at some point in the future, I would like to be the owner of it.  Because of whatever reason, I had never seen it.  Last week, Little Little Brother is carrying it around.  Literally.  Picking it up, handling it, everything.  Yeah, it bothered me.  Still bothers me if you wanna know the truth.  Not much I can do about it I guess except sit back and nurse my hurt feelings.  The plan is to try to find out how old this fiddle is. My Grandfather will be 93 soon.  And it was his father that owned it.  We are fairly certain this fiddle is over 100 years old.  And they were letting a 17 year old boy carry it around!

No big major plans for this weekend.  With it raining like crazy here since yesterday afternoon, I am just hoping to be able to make it home and back out again!  I am keeping my fingers crossed that it isn't flooded enough to keep me from getting home this afternoon.  And, on top of that, the forecast calls for up to 3 inches of snow by Sunday.  Not as much as this last weekend, but still enough.

We had the second round of Fluoride Varnish put on a bunch of kids' teeth today here at school.  It was organized chaos.  Have you noticed that nobody needs anything until you are fully involved in something that you will have a difficult time getting uninvolved with?!  That is how today has gone.

The first week of our Pennies for Patients campaign has finished today at school/work.  We have collected a total of 43.25 pounds of change so far.  I have no idea how much actual money that works out to be since we are going by weight.  At the end of the three weeks, I will take it to have it counted and will let you know then.  Next week, we will still be collecting money, but also having a hat day on Friday.  Kids will have to pay $1 to get to wear a hat all day at school.  For every dollar they give, their class total gets a half pound added.

There ya go.  Lots of things going on, but nothing really deserving of its own full sized post.  (Well, maybe the entire story behind the fiddle....)  Hope everyone has a great weekend.  I plan to be back here on Monday.  As long as the weather holds out anyway!

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