Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear Someone,

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Another Thursday, another round of Dear Someone letters.  All hosted by Short Mama.  Gotta love her for that!

Dear Crazy Man's Work:  Maybe it is no big deal to you, but you forgot to ask those of us that this concerns.  When you go from paying your employees every single Friday to every other Friday, and only give me two weeks to prepare...that is a major issue!  Yeah, that was awfully kind of you to offer an advance in pay to help get us through, but then to have that money taken out of the following checks actually helps not in the least.  But thanks for thinking of us.

Dear Me:  Check the calendar!  I don't know why I was so shocked Tuesday night to see that The Boy had an orthodontist appointment yesterday.  After all, I made that appointment!  And don't need to get your driver's license renewed.  You only have until Saturday to get that done.

Dear Girl Scouts:  Thanks for the cookies!  I truly appreciate the yummy-ness of them.  Although, my clothes are really ticked at you.

Dear Wii-Fit Voice:  If you say one more time "ohhh" when I step onto that darned board, I may just have to take out your batteries.  After all, calling you a B**ch is not making me feel better anymore.

Dear Mail Order Prescription Folks:  About friggin' time.

Dear UPS Guy:  Upon driving up my third of a mile lane to reach my house and seeing that I have a smashed up mailbox laying in front of my garage, do you really think that I will not assume that you are a complete idiot when you ask if my mailbox was destroyed?  Here's your sign. 

Dear Cousin's Guardian Angel:  Thank you.  I know that you have been working really hard with him lately, keeping him alive and all.  I just want to recognize all of your hard work. It was just this summer that he nearly died from a supposedly easy little surgery.  And, he was just in that same building a short time before the lady opened fire in Alabama.

Dear Fred:  Do you really have to sniff the entire yard?  We live on more than nine acres...and it is cold outside.  Just choose a spot to do your business already. 

Dear Sinatra and Ziggy:  The vet says you are fat.  Not me.  Not The Boy.  We call you "fluffy" or something equally as nice.  So we can only give you so much food each day.  At least we try to spread out your portion so you don't have to remember to save a little so you can have a snack before bedtime.  You should love us for that and not complain that you are hungry. Ok?  Ok.

Dear Readers of this Blog:  Thanks.  I know I haven't been here that much this week.  I will try to do better next week!

Dear Short Mama:  I just discovered that it is your birthday.  So have a happy one!  You know that all the great people are born in February, right?!


  1. My wii fit makes that same sound when I step on.....I want to throw it out the window when it does that!!!

    Thanks for the bday wishes!!

  2. Me too! I thought I was the only one that would take offense. I mean, if you HAVE to make it make noise to acknowledge you, they could at least have it say something funny. Like, "What have you been eating?" or "Goodness! How much do you weigh?!" Why do they have to make it groan as if it's trying to hold up the weight of the world?!

  3. Awesome letters! I would throw the dang wii board out the window! Now there's some exersize. LOL