Friday, January 29, 2010

Fragmented Friday

Mommy's Idea

This is a something that I have discovered over at Mrs. 4444's place.  I tried this last week and it seemed to work pretty well, so thought I would continue it this week and see what happens.

I have been curious about a lot of different things this week.  None of them make for a full post on their own, so Friday Fragments it is.

What things?  Well, things like this:

I have been scouting out other blogs online.  (Duh, right?! Where else would they be?!)  Anyway...where do people get the little buttons like the one at the top of this post?  Do they have someone in the 'know' make them for them or is this something so easy even I can do it?

According to that little follower spot over there to the left, I have four people who are following.  I wonder...after again scouting other blogs, how do these people get the hundreds of followers that they have? I guess they are a lot more interesting than I am!  Mind I said in the beginning...this place is for me.  If others want to see what I am thinking/doing, they are more than welcome to follow along.

Why do parents/teachers send a kid to me and ask me if something is broken?  Especially when there are no bones sticking out?  Really.  If I could look at an arm/leg/finger/foot and tell you if it was broken, then don't you think I would be rich and famous and not working at a school???

And, while we are on the subject, just how am I supposed to know if a kid has strep throat/mono/sinus infection without the same equipment that your local doc has?  Do you really think that I am just that brilliant?  If you do, then thank you!

Did you know that you can tell the what the weather will soon be by the way a classroom full of children are acting?  Trust me.  You can.

How can I be exercising for 30-90 minutes every single day, eat next to nothing and gain two pounds within 24 hours?  How exactly does that work?

Why oh why does it have to snow and keep us out of school just so we can make the darn day up later?  Why??  Yeah, a day off is a good thing.  Just don't make me have to come back later.

That is about all I have today.  Other than I am glad that it is Friday.  Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and you spend it someone you love and who loves you back!

1 comment:

  1. I make my own buttons and people have made them for me. I made mine on Photoshop. :)

    I have slowly gained followers over time and I still don't have that many. It just happens. I will follow you now... and that is how I get some. I follow people and they follow back.

    Have a great weekend!