Monday, January 11, 2010

Photographing Potties

My decision about what to do with the incoming snow last week was decided.  And I know you all are waiting on pins and needles to hear about it too!
I just decided to stay in the country and see what happened.
What happened was that when I went to be around 11pm, there was no flakes (except us, inside the house) to be found.  By the time Crazy Man called me at 6:30, there was about 2 inches on the ground.
School was called off at 6 am.  I talked to one of the folks in charge of the meeting I was scheduled to attend who lives near me.  We decided that it was too slick outside for either of us to safely go to the meeting.  So, The Boy and I stayed at home where we attempted to stay warm.  Now, I have to decide which of the other meetings around the state I will try to attend.

Late in the afternoon, The Boy did walk down the lane to get the mail for me.  Which was very nice of him!  And it also got him out of the house for a little bit, which he needed to do.
On Friday, we were out of school again because the roads were still slick.  One of the teachers who lives close to me went with me that morning to pick up our pay checks.  There was still a lot of snow covered roads, but if I took it nice and easy, it wasn't too awful. Seems crazy, but living in the sticks, they don't send people out to plow roads and such.  Matter of fact, there is still plenty of snow and ice on the roads to school/work this morning.  But, because it was mostly on the gravel roads, they decided it was ok for us to come.
When I headed into town on Saturday, I passed a house that had something in the yard that caught my eye, but I couldn't be positive of what it was.  I decided that when we came home on Sunday I was going to stop and take a picture of whatever it was if it was still there.

It was!  This is what I saw:

I was curious as to whether the inside looked the same, so I lifted the lid to find out:
As you can see, it does!

I know you are asking yourself, "now why would this be in someone's front yard?"

Well, I am glad you asked!  According to the note attached at the base of the toilet on the board, this is part of a fundraiser for one of the local churches.  It said that this "paintball potty" could be removed from their yard for the "small donation of $10" and for another donation of $10, they would place it in the yard of someone else!  The reverse of the note had information on it concerning who to contact to get the thing removed from your property.

The Boy and I had a laugh over it.  We thought it was actually pretty cool.  Don't know if we would pay to have it removed or not!

Just a side question here....why is it that the first picture that I put on here lines up in the middle, just like I requested it to do, but any other picture just goes where it wants to position itself?!  I have tried everything I can think of to get all of the pics in a post to stay in the middle, but to no avail.  I used to be able to get them all in a line in the center, but that has suddenly stopped being possible.

Anyway, I guess I need to get these reports done for the state.  I have at least two of them that are due on Friday and I need to get them done.

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