Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Any Suggestions?

I need ideas!  Last year at the Elementary building of the school I work at, we participated for the first time in something called Pennies for Patients.  This is a drive to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  If the school raised over $300, then the winning classroom would get a pizza party paid for by the Society.

We did things just a little different from they way they suggested it to be done.  Instead of the class raising the most money winning, we decided to do it by pounds.  If we had paper money, then we weighed how much a dollar worth of pennies was and added that amount.  

Over three weeks, we had the kids bring in their money to put in their classroom buckets.  On each Friday, we would weigh what they had brought and announce who was in first, second and third place.  And, the last two Fridays was something special.  We had a hat day where they could pay a dollar and wear a hat.  The last day, we used duct tape to tape a coach to the wall.  Each kid paid a dollar for a strip of duct tape.

We raised a total of $674.74.  And, instead of just the first place classroom getting a party, we split the money they were sending to buy the pizza and also had smaller parties for the second and third place groups.

Now, we are revving up for this year.  We are going to be doing this the first three weeks of February this year.  We have been brainstorming ideas, but nothing is set in stone yet.  We know that we want to go by weight and have three parties again.  But other than that, we aren't positive.

These are some of the things we have considered:

-- pay a dollar to wear a hat
-- pay a dollar to chew gum in the afternoon
-- buy a candy gram to be passed out for Valentine's Day
-- find folks to donate some good stuff and offer a raffle

We had also considered taping the coach to the wall again, but thought we should try something else this year to keep it from becoming old.  Don't think that we are going to be able to find any staff member that will let us shave or color their hair!

If anyone out there has any suggestions, I would be more than willing to listen and consider them.  Just remember that it is really cold around here in February, so nothing that involves water or outside.

Or, if you want to donate something or know of someone who would, leave a way to contact you and I will do so.

Yeah, I know this is a long shot since there aren't many who even know that I am around, but it never hurts to try!


Other stuff.....

The Boy brought his grades home on Monday.  He got all A's for both the quarter and the semester!  I am so proud of him.  And, even better, he is proud of himself!

Yesterday was the first day in a lot of days that the temperatures got above freezing.  A heat wave!  Matter of fact, it felt downright warm in the sunshine!  Of course, it fell way below freezing overnight.  We have been keeping drinks (like gatorade) out in our garage.  No need to use electricity to keep them cold!  Opened one earlier and it was slushy!

Got a hotel reservation for my meeting that I have to make up for when the weather was bad.  Trying to convince a friend to go with me so that I don't have to drive it by myself.  The only problem is that if she goes with me, then we will have to leave closer to 5pm, so that puts us not getting there until sometime between 9 and 10.  If I go alone, then I am hoping against hope that I will be allowed to leave school around noon to drive it.

I have been trying to use my Wii Fit everyday for at least 30 minutes of step. And, I have taken to weighing myself on it in the mornings right after I get out of the shower.  Loosing some weight would be great, but if I could just tone things up a little to get back into some of my clothes, that would be good too.

The DNA Donor wants a copy of Crazy Man's insurance card that covers The Boy.  He says it is "just in case I need to take him to the doctor."  This is causing a little tension.  Crazy Man says that he won't let DNA Donor have a copy because it is secondary.  Therefore, it won't change what the DNA Donor's insurance will do.  And, then there is the fact that DNA Donor would have no idea which doctor to take him to if he were sick, and he better be letting me know so that I can be there if he needs to take The Boy to the hospital.  Maybe I am crazy, but it doesn't seem like there is a need for DNA Donor to have a secondary insurance card.

Realized on Monday morning that our water softener was not softening water.  Lovely.  The thing is less than six months old.  It shouldn't be giving me problems yet, should it?!  Have no idea what the problem is/was, but have coaxed it into softening water again.

Still haven't gotten my report that is due Friday done.  I'm trying!

Have been trying not to cry lately.  All the time.  Don't know what the deal is, but tired of it.  Maybe I just need a vacation.  And a winning PowerBall ticket.

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  1. what about a pie in the face for staff members a dollar buys a throw...what fun and for such a great cause

    GREAT news about the grades! You have every right to be a proud mama