Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow Decisions

Everyone is talking about the snow.  Mind you, there is none on the ground or even flying in the air attempting to make it to the ground at this point in time. Rather, everyone is talking about the coming snow.

They are forecasting anywhere from one to seven inches of the white stuff.  Last I heard, it was supposed to start this evening around 8 or so.  Then, while we sleep peacefully and warmly in our snug little beds, it will accumulate to some inch level.

This is not normally a big deal.  Let it snow!  I have plenty of food in the house to make it through a giant blizzard.  I have a generator that is sitting in the garage just waiting to be started.  And, when Crazy Man gets home tonight, I will have 10 gallons of gas to fill said generator.

There has been no mention of the word ice, and I am hoping it stays that way.  Dry snow is not a problem to drive in since the roads are so darn cold it won't melt it all and then turn to ice.

So why are people making a big deal out of this weather forecast?  Well, because they do!  I am certain that today, there will be a rush on the grocery stores and by the time the first flake actually falls from the sky, there will be nary a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread in sight.

I am sure that people who live in other parts of the world where it snows every winter would think it was strange to not have bread and milk in the grocery stores.  Living where I live, however, we don't get snow all the time.  That is not saying that it doesn't get cold, because it definitely does that!  We just don't get a lot of snow.  All of our kids around here have seen/played in the snow, it just isn't a daily winter thing.

I think that the worst thing about getting any decent amount of snow, is the fact that school will close.  A day off is a great thing, so don't get me wrong!  But, since I work at a school, that means that I will have to make that day up at some point.

Even worse than that, is that I have a mandatory meeting that I have to attend whether school is in session or not.  And if I attend with no school in session, then I don't get a different day off in return.  Nor do I get extra pay.  If the weather is bad enough that I can not go to the meeting, there are other days this meeting will be held.  But to attend one of those, I would have to drive 5 or 6 hours.  And the last time I had to go that far, the school would not pay for a place for me to stay overnight and instead insisted that I drive it the morning of the meeting....and then back home after the seven hour meeting. That makes for a really long day!

So, I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to make the meeting and that we have school tomorrow.  There is just too much that sucks if we have enough snow that it cancels school!

I also have to decide if we stay in the country and chance being able to get out, or if we go into town and stay.  When we got married, Crazy Man owned a house in town that we stay in over the weekends or when the weather gets bad.  The problem is that we don't usually keep a lot of groceries/clothes there.  If we stayed there tonight, then it is only about 3 miles from where my meeting is.  But, if school is still in session, then I would have to travel 25 miles to get The Boy to school, and another 25 miles to get me back to the meeting.  I feel like I just can't make the right decision with this situation!

I will probably just keep my fingers crossed that it won't be too bad and I can get us where we need to go without too many problems.  My car has four wheel drive, so that is a good thing.  I just want us to keep safe and comfortable.  Not so much to ask, is it?!

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  1. we are under a winter weather times our last snow from the 24th of Dec still hasnt melted...hope you stay warm! we need to invest in a generator