Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Its Time

I got up on time this morning.  Yay for me, right?  Yeah, I thought so too since I definitely did not want to climb out of my nice heated bed to face the 4 degree weather.

Everything was moving along the same as any other workday.  And then it happened.  I looked at the clock and noticed that it was time to leave.  Normally, not a problem, but this morning I wasn't even dressed yet.

How does that happen? How can you be doing everything the exact same way every single day and some days you are ten minutes earlier getting done and some days you are way later?  Does the clock speed up and slow down on me?

I don't think the weather could be a factor.  After all, why would time go faster when it was colder?!  Wouldn't the second hand freeze up in these temperatures? 

And don't they always say the days are longer in the summer?  That would mean that time slows down then.  But have you ever had a summer vacation that didn't go by too fast?

Why don't I get to choose when I want time to speed up and slow down?  I want it to speed up when I am sitting in a doctor's office with a sick kid.  Or when I am wanting my hot chocolate to cool down enough so I can drink it without burning the top layer off my tongue.

And I know that I can't be alone when I say that I want time to slow to a crawl when The Boy hugs me, or smiles at me with love written all over his face.  I want time to come to a screeching halt when I visit with my grandparents so I can keep them around forever.

I sometimes wish that I could go on what I have heard called "Indian Time".  This has been explained to me as being able to come and go as you choose with no actual time constraints.  I think I would be good at that!

Maybe someday I will be able to figure this time thing out.  Until then, I guess I will just take it as it comes....or goes.

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