Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pennies for Patients

Yeah, yeah, I am still alive.  Although it has been a crazy week to say the least.  And, it doesn't look like it is going to be getting any slower any time soon.  There has been so much happening this week, that I have not had the time to actually sit down and type anything until just this minute.  I don't even know where to start!  Maybe I will just post random things on Friday and go ahead with what I had planned for Monday now.  Yeah...that would probably be for the best.

Remember when I was looking for ideas for our Pennies for Patients campaign?  Well, we came up with some things to do to try to raise money.  One of those was a hat day.  The kids paid a dollar to get to wear a hat all day at school.  We sold chances for all sorts of things to be given away.  And then we sold water balloons for a dollar to throw at one of our teachers.

Through all of the three weeks that this took place, the kids could bring in any type of money to be added to their classroom total weight.  When we did this last year, I decided that it would be easier to weigh the money (since most of it comes in as change) than to find the time to count it all each week.  The class with the most weight would win a pizza party. 

Once we finished the three weeks of our campaign, I had planned to take the change to the bank that I use to have it counted.  The problem with that is that the bank told me that that they did not take bulk change without it being rolled. How silly is that?  So, instead of having them count it, I had to count and roll it all myself.  Well, not really alone since my father in law and my Crazy Man helped.

After it was all rolled (which took nearly a week!) the grand total was $567.25! This was less than what we brought in last year, but not bad when you consider what is going on with the economy.  And, since we only have 157 kids that participated, that works out to be an average of $3.61 each.  Not too bad!

We threw water balloons on February 19th.  Outside.  It was a little nippy, but it was actually the warmest day that we had been privy to for several weeks.  I brought my camera and gave it to a friend/co-worker who took all the pictures since I was busy coordinating the goings-on.

I filled all of the water balloons at home the night before.  There were only about 200 of them total!

 The kids had a really good time.  And, truth be told, so did the adults!  We are already trying to come up with something to top the water balloons for next year.

I am really proud of the kids.  They did a really good job raising the money that they raised.  I am also equally impressed by our music teacher for volunteering to have cold water balloons thrown at him on a cold and windy February!

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