Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Fragments....finally

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As for me, I am happy about Friday.  I am also happy about the fact that I have a place to put down the fragments of this week.  I have been so busy that I am not sure that I have even had a full sentence thought this week!

I live 30 minutes from "town".  Because of this and the price of gasoline, I try to only go into town twice a week.  Once because The Boy has an appointment and the second to meet Crazy Man on Friday evenings when we usually stay there for the weekend. As of today when I go, this will be day four this week.  Next week, I have to go three days.  I just want a day at home!

So why did I spend nearly every afternoon in town?  Well, on Monday, we went to the Autism Center for a meeting.  On Tuesday, The Boy had his regularly scheduled appointment. Wednesday, we actually were able to go home after work/school.  Thursday I had an appointment at the hospital.  And now today, it is back to Friday and we are planning on staying in town again this weekend.

The appointment I had was for an ultrasound of my thyroid.  Again.  I really believe that the only thing it is going to show changed from last year around this time is that it has gotten smaller.  So why did I do it?  Because if I didn't do it, basically the doc told me that he would do nothing for me.  And I guess so that I can prove that I know what is going on with my body.  Silly me for thinking that I understand my own body.

Last week, the endocrinologist decided that he wanted to draw labwork again.  Lovely.  They ended up sticking me twice and bruising me pretty badly.  They couldn't get it the first time because the only vein they can usually hit wasn't healed up from the last time.  And, the labs show that since lowering my meds, my levels are becoming non-therapeutic again. DUH!  He also discovered that my vitamin D level was half of what the low range is.  So, he added a supplement to see what would happen.  And after three months, they will bruise the crap out of me draw labs again.

In better news....  We can see a bracket!  Yay!  A bracket, a bracket, a bracket!  No.  Not the March Madness bracket.  One of those brackets on a tooth.  You know.  For braces?  Yeah.  THOSE brackets.

Now most people don't get all hyper and turning cartwheels in the streets for that, right?  Well, I am not most people.  See, when The Boy had braces put on over two years ago, there was one tooth that was growing in the middle of the roof of his mouth.  An oral surgeon had to go in, under anesthesia and much drama, to attach a bracket to this rogue tooth and have a chain looped out of it so that it could be reeled in over time.

And that time is now!  Three weeks ago, you couldn't see the bracket.  Today, it is plainly visible.  All that has to be done now, is to get it turned the way it is supposed to sit and get it all comfy in the hole that is available.  Once it gets comfy and happy in it's new home, all the braces can be taken off and we can go happily along our merry way!

Who knew a bracket could be so exciting, huh?!  I know you are smiling and cheering too.  Don't deny it!

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  1. WooHoo!! Brackets rock! (so you tell me :) That sounds like quite a feat, actually!

    Sorry about the crazy thyroid business and the bruises!!

    We live 20 minutes from school; I know your pain (well, 2/3's of it, anyway. It didn't seem like much when we moved here, but when you start having to cart kids around like crazy, it gets annoying....

    Thanks for joining in this week!