Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Morning Musings

This morning, as we were getting ready to leave, I got a phone call.  Now, you know, if the phone rings in the mornings, it usually isn't the best of news.  And this was the case today.  

My mom was calling to say that they noticed that the water was on the rise and that if it has rained as much north of us as it has rained here in the past couple of days, then dad felt I may have some problems getting home this afternoon.  Which means that I should pack some clothes and grab what we need in case the roads are flooded and we can't get home after work/school.

So, ten minutes before we were scheduled to walk out the door, I am throwing thing in bags.  When we go into town over the weekend, I have to pack clothes for both me and The Boy.  Luckily these things were still in the suitcase.  Of course, they are all dirty, but at least there is something.  We grabbed the dog and his crate and food to drop off at my parents' house on the way.

I didn't get work clothes, just what was in the bag.  There was no time.  As it was, I walked in the door at work at exactly 8 instead of 7:35. So, if the roads are flooded and we can't get home this afternoon, looks like we will probably be at my parents' house.  And, I guess I will wash what I have and if they don't like what I am wearing, I will come home.
Other than that little scene this morning, the day has been wonderful!  I am hoping to spend some time today perusing my swap partner's site.  This weekend, I got myself all partnered up by Short Mama who is hosting a Spring Swap.  I have some ideas as to what I will be packaging up and sending, but I haven't made the final decisions yet.
I picked up The Boy's report card on Thursday evening at Parent/Teacher Conferences.  He did really well.  All "A" or "A-" with the exception of one "B+". He is sooooo much smarter than I will ever be!  We visited with several of his teachers.  One of them told me that he was going to let The Boy teach for the rest of the year!  Another told me that he was at the top in his class.  We asked his math teacher if she thought he would have any problems if he took both Algebra II and Geometry next year, and she said that she felt he would do just fine.  That is something that I worried about, but if she feels he will do well, then I will fight with him to get his allowed to do this.
The only thing that I had an issue with was that the DNA Donor had showed up before I was able to get there.  Normally, that is no big deal, after all, at least he showed up.  However, when he shows up to something like this, he always makes his opinions known....loudly.  

This time, it seems that he told the counselor that The Boy didn't want to go into the classes that we had been talking about for next year.  He said that those classes were of no benefit to him, but that he wanted everyone to get him to take as many college courses as he could so he could earn dual credit.  The counselor asked The Boy what he wanted, not what Mom wanted and not what DNA Donor wanted.  The Boy told her that he wanted to take two maths and two sciences next year in case he decided to take the pre-engineering course at the Career Center his junior year.

He did have questions (which we had already discussed together but think that he wanted to make sure that I was telling him the truth) about how a pre-engineering course could help him when he wanted to do something with computers.  When those were answered, he repeated again which courses he wanted to take "if possible" next year.  Now all we have to do is wait and see how the schedule pans out.
Everyone thinks that handling a young child's needs runs you ragged.  And they do.  But personally, I think that getting that teenager on the right course for what he feels he wants to do with his life is even more stressful.

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