Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dear Someone

Short Mama is hosting her weekly Dear Someone letters.  I love these things!  If you want to join in or just see what others have to say, head on over to her place.
And now, without further ado..... 

Dear Doctor #1:  I sure do wish you would have listened to me.  If you had, then you wouldn't have forced me to waste both my time and my money on tests that I had already told you the results for.  Just because I am not a doctor like you has no bearing on whether I know what my body is doing.  Maybe you should learn to listen to your patients.  I don't want to know about some disease process that I do not have.  I want you to talk to me like you have heard what I have said and about MY disease process.

Poorer for Visiting You 

Dear Doctor #2:  Of course you agree 100% with Doctor #1's course of action.  Was there ever really any doubt?  I have yet to hear a doctor who sends a patient to another one ever disagree with the one he sent his patient to.  Trust me when I say that tomorrow you and I will be having a conversation and I plan on letting you know exactly how I feel about it all.  Depressed my a**.  I am pi**ed off!

Be Prepared 

Dear Doctor #3:  I am loving your job!  More specifically, I am loving your paycheck.  How many folks can say that they live in a fabulous home and drive fabulous cars by only being in the office for a half day a week?  And, did you know while you are not in your office, you have some not so brilliant people taking care of things there?  Yeah.  Like the someones who lost the question that I really need an answer to on Monday.  And then again on Wednesday.  I guess I will have to say that third times a charm and try again soon to get an answer.

Lucky I'm not Dying 

Dear Medical Schools Across the Country and Around the World:  I know that in every graduating class that someone has to finish last.  However, do you have to funnel the bottom of each class to my area?  Can't you skim the top of a few classes so we have some options here?

My Health 

Dear Body of Mine:  I am really quite sick of you.  Honestly.  You are turning against me no matter what I do.  Seemingly falling apart from the inside out.  You are going to have to stop rebelling and start playing by the rules.  Otherwise, we will have to continue having to deal with Doctors 1,2, and 3.  And heaven knows that I am over that.

Straighten Up 

Dear Subconscious:  I know that you are in charge of dreams when I am fortunate enough to sleep deep enough to have them.  I don't know what kind of games you are playing.  I feel like you are trying to insure that I am crazy.  These dreams nightmares are starting to get old real quick.  Maybe you and Body of Mine need to get together and work things out amongst yourselves.  Otherwise, I am going to have to figure out how to get rid of you both.

Really Need Some Decent Sleep 

Dear Boy:  I am so glad you finally let me cut your hair.  After taking off nearly three inches, you look older and ready for summer.

Mom of a Boy....Not a Girl 

Dear Crazy Man:  You get my birthday gift out of the box and I will let you take yours out of the package!  Deal??

Your Favorite Wife


  1. How frustrating to deal with all that! Hope you get some answers soon!

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