Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dear Someone,

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Another Thursday has made its appearance and that means that it is time for Dear Someone letters once more.  These fabulous pieces of mail are brought to you by Short Mama, so hop on over there to read all the letters.

Dear Short Mama:  Welcome back.  Hope that you and yours are crying less and remembering the good things more. 

Dear DNA Donor:  You are an idiot.  There have got to be more people in this world who look at you like they aren't sure how it is you have gotten this far in life than just me.  When you ask The Boy questions about a meeting that you knew about, but decided not to attend, and only get "I don't know" in response, welcome to my world.  Do not get mad at me because you can't find out the answers.  You have a phone, I have a phone number.  Put the two together and you will more than likely get answers to those questions.  If you don't tick me off by acting as though I am the idiot.

Also, I would appreciate it if you didn't tell The Boy to lie to me.  Yeah, I know.  You didn't use those exact words.  But when you hand him money and then tell him "don't tell your mom"....that is basically the same thing.  I don't care if you give him money.  Heaven knows you have more of it than I do.  But when you tell him that he should keep secrets from me, (and  not about just money that you hand him but the other things too) that is telling him that I am not to be trusted with any information.  I pray that others are keeping their hands off of him and that he isn't contemplating drugs, because you just taught him that it is fine to keep secrets from his mom. are an idiot. 

Dear Family:  You have hurt my grandma's feelings.  Yes, I know that she and grandpa would not have gone out to eat with you on Monday night for my nephew's birthday, but she still wishes that you would have at least asked. 

Dear Department of Family Services:  I understand that you all have more than you can possibly handle in one day.  But here is the deal. If you have seen something in a hot-lined home that sends up red flags in your mind, please open a case file to make sure that the child receives what you feel they need to remove those flags from your mind.  Don't just make the suggestion and then walk out while dictating a letter saying that there is no reason to open a case file.  God gave us the ability for our mind/gut to throw red flags for a reason.  Pay attention.  Or get a different job.  Please. 

Dear Boy:  You, my dearest son, need a haircut.  I know you don't like them. But I am afraid that people are going to start calling you a girl.  Besides, you look so much older when your hair is shorter.  With that thought, maybe we won't cut it.

Dear Parents:  I do not have x-ray vision.  I can not tell you if your child has broken a bone unless it is seriously deformed or sticking out through the skin.  And if either of those are the case, then I am going to guess that you can tell if the bone is broken without my input.  If you continue to send me stupid requests like this, then I am going to start charging a co-pay. 

Dear Readers of this Blog:  Thanks.  And if you have anything that you would like to say in a letter to someone, go link up.  It will make you feel better.  Really.  It will.


  1. I love this dear someone post! I can totally relate to the DNA donor part! My ex is too an idiot! hope things improve for you!

  2. Thanks for the well wishes! I am doing MUCH better this week!