Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea
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If you were here yesterday, you know that I was scheduled to have an interview. And, if you were here yesterday, you also know that I forgot the shoes I was going to wear.  Well, today, you will be happy to know that I was able to make it home through the water that was across the road and get the shoes that I needed.  I then made it to my scheduled interview with about a minute and a half to spare.  And wouldn't you know it, I had to wait on them!  Guess I will continue to wait on them to see if they want me to work for them.

Tonight is the night of the last of the fish frys in the area.  Next Friday is Good Friday and the don't have one then.  We have been to three different ones this year.  Plan on going tonight, but not sure which one.  And, my grandparents have finally been convinced to come out with us!  I am so happy about that!

I have got to get all of this paperwork off of my desk!  It is starting to get toward the end of the year and I really need to get it all filed and counted and whatever else needs to be done with it!  Anyone not busy and wanna come help?!

Crazy Man just called a little bit ago.  Wants to take Lucille to Boyfriend's house to change her oil.  Then tomorrow, we are hoping to get out for our first ride of the season.  That is if Mother Nature reads the letter that it seems many are writing to her and the sun comes out.

Wednesday night we were watching the show Modern Family on ABC.  I love that show!  I find it absolutely hilarious and have even gotten Crazy Man watching it too.  If your sense of humor is anything like mine, God Bless the ones you live with then you will be wiping away the tears from laughter.  There aren't a bunch of shows that I find amusing on tv, but this is definitely one of them.

I think this weekend I will probably be trying to gather things up to mail to my swap partner.  Lots of ideas, but none acted on yet.  Which just tells my partner that I am not the 'crafty' type of person she may be hoping for!  Because you those 'crafty' folks started to work on their ideas when the mention of a swap was brought up I am sure!  Hopefully she will like what I pack anyway.

We only have 32 days of school/work left this year!  Well, that is not counting the 20 days of summer school.  If they have summer school this year anyway.  With all of the cuts that the state is making, nobody is really positive at this point that the funding will be available come summer school time.  Wouldn't bother me if we didn't have it since I am not paid anyway.  Of course if I get this other job that I just interviewed for then I won't have to worry about it anyway.

Okay....gotta run.  Those organizational fairies still haven't shown up.  And I know that I filled that form out in triplicate requesting their services.  If I could just find my copy on this desk.......


  1. I hope the weather cooperates and you are able to take your ride!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. My desk looks like a bomb hit it!

    Visiting from Mrs 444's Friday Fragments.

  3. I'm not a crafty person either, so hopefully you won't be expecting lots of crafty things in your swap package either...unless you want a collage made by my 3 year old! ;-)