Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dear Someone Letters


I have finally made it to Thursday.  And let me just tell you that I am really happy for that little fact.  For one, I am just glad to have made it that far with the chaos that is happening here.  Another reason is because it is time for the Dear Someone letters hosted by Short Mama.  Click on over there because there are more letters where these came from!

Dear Mother Nature,

Look.  I know that I asked for no more snow, as I am certain many others did.  However, I think that what I really meant was no more lovely wet stuff falling from the sky.  I know, I have to have the rain to make spring flowers.  I understand that, truly I do.  But you have to look at it from my perspective too.  When you pour that much rain out of the sky, I can't get home because you have filled everything so full that it is now flooding.  And that ain't cool.  Because I like to be at home in my own bed to sleep.  So, could you pretty please just slow down on the wet stuff?  Just a little.  I'm not asking for it to completely cease. Just slow it down so there isn't the flooding.  After all, if it floods, the flowers can't grow underwater.

I'm Not a Duck

Dear Sinatra and Ziggy,

I know that we haven't been at home much this past week.  But it isn't because we don't want to be.  Mother Nature is working against us.  Maybe if you would contact her, then there would be three of us asking nicely.  Look at it this way least you have as much food as you want when we have to pack and leave in a hurry.

Love and miss your furry and purry-ness,
Mom and The Boy

Dear Crazy Man,

I just don't understand.  If I had days that I could take off, I would much rather wait until I could spend it with you and The Boy or when I had something that absolutely had to be done that I couldn't get done any other time.  Not to go to a funeral of someone that I hadn't become acquainted with until a short time ago.  I know that you felt "obligated" but I just don't understand.  And I am trying, really I am.

Your Wife

Dear Organizational Fairies,

Why have you not come to clean off my desk yet?  I have wished for you to come and organize it all and let me know the color of the desktop and yet you have not shown up.

Please come....quickly,
Leaving the Door Unlocked

Dear Boy,

I love you son.


Dear Interviewer,

Hopefully when I talk to you later this afternoon I won't make a complete and total fool of myself.  After all, I am wanting this position that I applied for.  Or at least I think I do.  I really think that I could do the job with the right training.  And I am hoping that you will think the same thing by the time we are finished talking.  I was told that I would be the last interview of the day.  Maybe that will be good for me and I will be the only one that you remember.

C'mon....Give Me A Chance

Dear Superintendent,

Hopefully the above mentioned interview goes well and I can give you my notice soon.  It would do my heart good to be able to dump all these forms in your lap and tell you that they are due April 15th.  Yep, it would make me smile!

Keeping My Fingers Crossed

Dear Me,

Get it together!  You will be fine this afternoon.  Even if you did forget your shoes for the interview.  You will have time to go get them and all will work out wonderfully.

Just Believe

Dear Readers,

Don't forget to head on over to Short Mama's to read more Dear Someone letters.  Better yet, join in!  It may just save your life sanity!

Ima Hick


  1. If and when the organizational fairies show up at your house, PLEASE send them my way... thanks! Good luck on your interview! If you don't wear any shoes, that will make you memorable...

  2. That organizational fairy would be in organizing heaven if she came to my clutter right now!

  3. Oh My Goodness but your cat, Ziggy, could be a twin to a cat we had until recently. Yoda's mom was a feral cat who snuck into our house to have kittens and I didn't have the heart to kick her out ... even if she did choose to give birth on my couch! Once the kittens were weaned we allowed Josiah (our version of the boy) to pick one and he chose the runt ... Yoda. She never liked a human except for Josiah and to him she had a fierce devotion. AMAZING!