Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I have a couple of stories to tell.

When I got to school yesterday, I was asked by one of the girls I work with when I was able to get home. I told her that I made it home on Sunday evening. I don't think any of my property was underwater, but there was no way to have gotten home because the road was covered.

She said that her husband, who is a volunteer fireman, was called out to rescue someone in a vehicle close to my house that was caught in the flood waters. She told me that he got the call around 10pm and he went flying out of the house. He had to go around a different way than normal to get close to her and was getting updates about her condition through the 911 system while he was on his way. I am thinking that I was told that she had a bigger vehicle, like an SUV of some sort.

Evidently when she first called, the water was just coming in the doors of her vehicle. As time goes by, the report is that the water is to her waist. The next report is that it is at her chest. By the time anyone was able to reach her, it was at her chin.

Now mind you, this could have happened in no more than 15 to 20 minutes, because even by going the long way around, he was traveling fast and I can drive from where this occurred to this guy's home in 15-20 minutes at normal speed.

They did manage to get her out with nothing more than being wet, cold, and scared. But, I am thinking that would be enough!

Pretty dramatic thing, huh?! It is, but what really stands out to me in this story is that where she was, there is no cell phone service. And I don't mean spotty service. I mean none. And I am not the only one who says this. One of the other firemen that lives close by says the same thing. There is no cell phone service....period. And yet, she was able to call for help and have a strong enough signal to give updates for several minutes.

My second story happened yesterday. I was on my way home from work/school and I popped over a hill on the highway. I saw a little girl walking along the edge of the road. I just happened to know that she was one of my kindergarten kids, but she was a long way (for a little one) from home.

I passed her, then turned around and was going back. When I topped the hill, she was stopped on the side of the road talking to someone that had passed the other way and had turned back around also. I was hoping that it was her parents, but I stopped anyway.

The woman talking to her asked if I knew who the girl was. I told her that I did which is why I came back to get her. The woman asked the little girl if she knew me and she told her that she did. The woman then asked if the girl would go with me and she said that she would.

We had both lanes of traffic blocked and I got out to go get the little girl. I walked her around to the back passenger side of my car and I got her all buckled in. She told me that nobody was home and she was walking to her Aunt's house. I asked if she could show me where her Aunt lived and she said that she could. We got going and she pointed me in the right direction.

Once we arrived at the Aunt's house, I realized that we were several miles from where she had started walking. And, I also realized that nobody was home at this house also, so we reloaded the car and headed back to the little girl's house to see if anyone had made it there yet.

When we got there, the door was standing wide open, so I assume she forgot to shut it when she left the first time. I stood just inside the door and had her go to all the rooms to make sure that nobody was home. She came back saying that it was empty.

Now what?! I called the school and got someone who could give me a phone number for the dad. I left the child's home and went to the driveway of one of our teachers that was close by. I didn't want the family to come home and think that I was there to steal away their child.

I called the number I had, knowing that if nobody answered, my next option would be the sheriff. The mom answered, but didn't seem very concerned that I had called...until I told her that I had picked her 5 year old daughter up off the side of the highway quite a ways from home.

The mom asked if I could please wait until she got home in about 10 minutes. I told her that I would wait at the end of the road for her. I think she was afraid that I would call the sheriff or that I already had done so.

When the mom got to us, she said that she had hung up with me and called the Aunt to find out where she was and was told that there had been car trouble and they didn't make it to the little girl's house before she got off the bus.

By the time the parent arrived, the child had been off the bus for 45-60 minutes. I told the parent that if I had come home when I usually do, I would have never seen her. And, I was also afraid that when I went back to get her, there were people that I did not know stopping and talking to her. And I know a lot of people out that way, but not these.

After hearing these two stories, how could anyone not believe in God and guardian angels? How else can these be explained? Someone was with the woman being rescued to give her a cell phone signal. And someone had to be watching out for the little girl to keep her safe on the side of the road.

I don't know if either of the two who were rescued believe it, but I certainly do.

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  1. OMGosh I got chills reading those 2 stories...
    The Glory is all around us