Friday, November 13, 2009

My Little Little Brother

Seventeen years ago, my parents told me that I would soon have another sibling. We were all excited since I had always been told that my parents always planned on having three kids, but after the second one, they were never able to have another. Now, while planning for a high school graduation and a wedding, there was going to be a third child.

As an immediate family, we were thrilled. Extended family and friends...not so much! There were some who went so far as asking if my mom was going to terminate the pregnancy because there could be something wrong with the baby plus, they were closer to the time of being grandparents, not new parents.

We as our four person about to become five family made a lot of decisions regarding this pregnancy together. The docs wanted an amnio. As a family we told them no. They wanted everyone to have plenty of time to accept the fact that something could be wrong with this baby.

How could anything be "wrong" with this baby? God had given him to our family. There was nothing "wrong" with that. No matter what, he would be brought into a home filled with want and love for him.

We were all together when we found out at the ultrasound that he was a he. We made lists of names that we all liked, and chose together. We were all at the hospital when he made his grand appearance.

On Friday November 13, 1992, my Little Little Brother made his appearance at 4:44 in the morning. He was perfectly healthy. Today, he turns 17 years old. He is a junior in high school and is basically a good kid! He knows how to deal with The Boy and is somewhat of a protector of him. He is the high school band major and can play a mean saxophone. He is also learning, quite easily and quickly, the bass guitar. He has more musical ability in his left earlobe than I will ever have! He loves the Cardinals and the Colts. He plays basketball, and is pretty good when given the chance.

This picture is of him with The Boy at the Jeff Dunham show we went to see. Next July, he is going with us to Hawaii.
Happy 17th Birthday Little Little Brother.

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