Thursday, November 5, 2009


This place is totally and completely insane. Or maybe it is just me. Either way, insanity is the word of the week around here.

My local county health department is going to be the death of me I am thinking. They have been coming to our school and giving the H1N1 vaccine to the kids whose parents sign the consents. They started with the kindergarten and first graders about 3 weeks ago. Each week they come back for the next couple of grades. Yesterday, they were here giving the vaccine to the 4th, 5th and 6th grade.

The plan has been to come once a week and give the vaccine to our kids until we have no more that want it or until they run out of it. Yesterday they told me that they want to try giving it to the entire high school population, 7th through 12th instead of just the 7th and 8th. That is fine and dandy with me!

Now here is where it seems to be getting a little on the sticky side. Last week when I was gone for the day to a meeting, evidently the health department called to ask our superintendent if they could set up a clinic on November 11th to invite the community to because they had just received some more of the seasonal vaccine. My superintendent tells that that it would be fine. He tells me the next morning and asks that I call them to clarify everything and get it all set up. Once the health department gets the go-ahead to hold the clinic, they call the local news to tell them there will be a clinic held.

Not a problem. Until yesterday.

Once I had contacted them to make sure how this was all going to go down, I asked if I could go ahead and offer the seasonal vaccine to my staff (again) and send out consent forms to all the kids. They said that would be fine and even e-mailed me the consent form that needed to be used.

On Tuesday, I sent out 153 consents to our elementary students. Yesterday afternoon, 157 more were to be sent home to our high school students.

I had received an e-mail on Wednesday morning answering a couple of questions that I had. These answers brought more questions, so I called the health department. I asked for the person I had been conversing with, but she was not there at that point. They transferred my call to the top of the pack there.

All was going well until I asked if she wanted me to have two lines of people going through....those that needed the seasonal vaccine and those kids getting the H1N1 vaccine or did she want lines for my kids and staff to get the two shots and another line for those coming in from the outside of the school.

She told me that the seasonal vaccine was not for my staff and students. It was only for the community. I told her that there was a problem then because I already have close to 100 staff/students who want the seasonal vaccine. She told me that there were only a limited number of the vaccine and that it was only for the community, and she refused to "debate" with me over this. She said that she would talk to the person that I had been in contact with and let me know what was going on. I told her that she needed to fix this because I was only doing what I was told I could do.

I told my superintendent what was going on, hoping that he would back me up on this whole thing. He told me to let them know that if they were not going to do what they had told him they were going to do, then they could take their community clinic elsewhere. That doesn't help me since he tells me that he did not question what vaccine they would be offering to everyone. He also tells me that he had no impression of what was going to occur on that date.

Silly me to expect backing. He just effectively left me hanging as far as I can tell. How can you have a conversation that you don't know anything about what you conversated about?? How can you walk away from a conversation and not have any types of impressions at all??

So, I am waiting to be contacted by the health department. And trying to decide just what I am supposed to do with all of the consents that have been sent home and the ones I have received signed.

To top it all off, all of this stress caused me to get a sore throat. That is normal. Usually when I get overly stressed, I get a sore throat and when the stress goes away, the soreness goes away. Cool, huh?! This morning, my throat was still hurting and the roof of my mouth and the very back part of my throat has been itching for a week or so. I looked and had a friend who used to work in a pediatric office look. We both agree that it looks like thrush.

Now many supposedly healthy adults get thrush?! Last year I was put in the hospital for a week extremely sick from some sort of something that had my liver totally out of whack and they discovered that I had a "severe" case of thrush. They don't know if the thrush caused the liver issues or if the liver issues caused the thrush. Either way, I don't want to go through all of that again. A call has been placed to the doc and I am waiting on his call back also.

I'm telling ya. Insane. Maybe it is me.

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