Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ready? Set? Fire!!

Ahhh....the first day of deer season.

The sound of wild animals trying to be really quiet so they don't find part of themselves mounted on some guy's wall and other parts of themselves packaged in the guy's freezer. And the sound of hunters trying to be really quiet so that they can make the deer's worst nightmare become their own dream.

The crack of gunfire.

The sight of a deer looking over his/her shoulder wondering just what the heck that sound was.

The sight of that same deer running in a zigzag across the field and then falling down.

The grin on the guy's face as he watches the deer fall.

The swagger in the man's step as he makes his way to where the animal fell.

The look on his face when he gets to the area the animal fell and realizes that there is no deer there.

The love felt in his woman's heart when he drags her outside with a flashlight just before dark to hunt for a deer that he swears he shot.

The quick talking of the hunter and his loving wife trying to convince the conservation agents that they are not really spotlighting deer, but are using the flashlights and headlights of the truck to find the blood trail that is really right here! And yes, this is our land!

The sound of laughter when she tries to convince him that the deer that he swears he shot and just knows it fell right here actually fell down laughing at him because there is no way in the world that this man truly shot such a lovely creature.

These things are what deer season has been like for the past three years at my house. Can't imagine that this year will be much different! For that matter, I don't think that I want it to be any different!

If this year turns out to be any different, I will definitely let you know. I would love for things to remain the same, because how can you do anything but laugh about the situation?!

Although I would like for my Crazy Man to get his first ever deer. Because he just wants it so much. And because I love him so much and want him to be a happy hunter.

But then we couldn't laugh and make jokes about how the deer are abundant on our property....until he gets his gun out! Or about how the deer fall down laughing at him when he pulls the trigger.

Ahhhh....deer season!

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