Friday, October 2, 2009

City Slicker and Country Girl

It is finally Friday! I think that if this was any day other than Friday I would cry. I am done with being at work this week. I need a day off.

Tomorrow I may actually get that day off. The Crazy Man doesn't really like the idea of my wanting to stay home and do what I want/need to do there. He says that "I only have the weekend" so he wants to do other stuff.

I understand that he only has the weekend. Me too. I think sometimes he forgets that I have a job too. Or maybe it is that he thinks that since I am able to come home every night that there is no reason for me to want to stay there on the weekend. I don't know. I guess he doesn't realize that when I come home at night, I have to do all the things that a mom/wife does plus some of the things that a dad/husband does. So, when it gets to be the weekend, I would like to just stay at home and do nothing. Or to do those things that I am just too tired to do when I get home in the evenings.

Crazy Man doesn't like the idea of me doing this. Last night he told me that it would be fine and that he could take The Boy and go to the other house to work on the shed. No problem. Except he has been talking about this shed for months. I guess maybe it is the same type of thing. He has the weekend, wants to work on this shed, but plans for other things to do during the only time he has at home.

Before I go further, let me clarify. We have two houses. In this economy?! Yes. When we got married, all of our stuff came with us to the marriage, which is what is supposed to happen. But all of our stuff included the house that each of us had bought on our own and had been living in. Because of the economy, there is no way that either of us could ever sell our house. Therefore, we have two of them. This is handy when, like last year, we had a major ice storm and could not get to the house in the sticks. Or when it floods and we can't get to the house in the sticks. Or when the power is out at one. Or when we have something going on in town that would make it really late getting to the country.

The houses are separated by about 25 miles. His/Ours is in town and mine/ours is in the country. We stay during the week at the Country Villa so that The Boy and I are closer to work/school. The City House is usually where we stay on Friday and Saturdays. This way we can get groceries and eat dinner with his parents on Sunday.

So, he wants to do work on the shed at the City House this weekend. That is fine by me. But, he doesn't want me to stay at the Country Villa to do what needs to be done there. I think he would rather we try to sell that house and just live in town. He doesn't like driving back and forth to town. Basically he is a city slicker!

I grew up in the country and really don't like living in town where people are so close. He grew up in town and doesn't see any reason at all as to why someone would want to live so far away from things. I grew up knowing that what we had in the fridge was what we chose from. He grew up knowing that if there wasn't anything in the fridge you wanted, you could either call someone to bring you something or you could go to the store down the street and get something different.

Our worlds are totally different. Not quite sure how we are expected to get along when our backgrounds totally collide like this. But we do. Although sometimes it gets a little rough when we both need time off to do things we think need to be done around the houses and we don't want to be apart to do them. I together to get them done. That would be theory.

But let me ask this: How many women out there want their man to go through their 'all-purpose' (aka junk) drawer and clean it out? Probably not many! Or, how many men want their woman to go through their shed/garage/man room to clean it out? The whole thing is that we each know what is important to us to keep and what is not. Having someone else come in to "help" isn't always the best option.

So, I think this Country Girl will send her City Slicker husband to clean out his shed and tear it down while she is cleaning out her 'all-purpose' room. And, we will probably both get done a lot quicker than if the other was 'helping'. I am almost certain that it will easier on the marriage that way!

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