Monday, October 26, 2009

I ♥ The Boy

On October 25, 1994, I became a mom to a wonderful 6lb 9oz baby boy. Yesterday, that baby turned 15 years old. I fully believe that I am too young to have a child that is taller than I am and that old.

These are two of the pictures that I have hanging in my living room. In the one of the left, he is about 6 weeks old. The one on the right is from last year. I try to put a recent shot in the one frame on the right, but haven't gotten one for this year yet. It just amazes me everytime I look at these shots to see just how much he has changed and grown.

Yesterday, as planned, everyone gathered at my grandparent's house after The Boy was dropped off from his weekend with his father. By everyone, I mean me and Crazy Man, my parents, my grandparents, my two brothers, my aunt, my nephew and a couple of friends who we are The Boy's honorary aunt and uncle.

He walked away with money, a video game, a puzzle, a couple of sweatshirts and today we will be going to pick up (I am hoping it finally arrived) his computer skin that was ordered. He had a good time, although he would never admit it!

This is the look he gave me when I asked him to smile for his birthday photo. As you can see, he wasn't too thrilled with the camera pointed at him!

My mother-in-law had made cupcakes and I put the icing on while Crazy Man added sprinkles. These were the 'Funfetti' type of cupcakes which he has requested for several years in a row. (Ever since he found out that there was such a kind.)

Blowing out the candles for the second time. When I asked if he had made a wish, he said yes and before I could snap a picture, the candles were blown out. Had to have him do it again so I could get a shot!
I am so very much still in love with The Boy. He is my world and everything I do is done with him in mind. My world has been a chaotic rollercoaster since he made his appearance, but I would not trade one second of it, despite what I may sometimes think/say. He has made my life so much better and I am looking forward to many more birthdays with him.

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