Friday, October 16, 2009

The Boy Has Been Shot

On Wednesday I was able to track down a dose of the seasonal flu vaccine for The Boy. I was not able to get one for me though, even though I am considered to be high risk.

I did not tell him that I was able to get this for him. Terrible, huh?! If I had told him, then he would have just had hours to think about it and worry and get himself worked into a lather. Therefore, it was easier not to tell him until it was time.

I asked him if he wanted it before we ate supper with the grandparents or if he wanted to wait until we got home. He decided "never." When I reminded him that option was not on the table, he decided to wait until we got home.

Now, I have to remind you that my Crazy Man has heard the descriptions of how The Boy reacts to things like dentist appointments or shots or whatever, but he has never actually witnessed this. So, like most people, he thinks that The Boy is just being unreasonable and that I am 'babying' him. Wednesday night he witnessed first hand what The Boy and I go through.

I told The Boy that it was time. I gave him some ibuprofen (because I promised that would make it hurt less) and then drew up the vaccine. He was already in tears, but he pulled up the sleeve on his left arm. (He got to choose where he wanted it....arm or leg.) I began to flick and slap his arm (to help make it tingle and kind of numb it). He is looking at Crazy Man (who is looking at us like we are a train wreck!) and still crying. I gave him the shot quickly and it was over. No blood. Vaccine in, antibodies beginning to form in his body!

Now, I say that it was over. Not really. Because The Boy just drops his head to my shoulder (remember he is several inches taller than me) and just boo-hoos. I get him to calm down after a few minutes. He asks if he could have a band-aid. I tell him that he can, but first he needs to go take a nice warm shower and then I would put the band-aid on.

He takes his shower and then comes to me with his sleeve up wanting his band-aid. We laugh about it being a Daffy Duck band-aid and I hunt for the spot I poked him. Not finding it (but not telling him that) I stuck that band-aid on and gave him a hug and kiss. I asked if that helped and he nodded and off to his room he went to watch TV before bed.

I could just cry writing that. Why? Because a band-aid after a shot made my nearly 15 year old son feel all better. That is only supposed to work with little kids.

It is things like that that remind me that even though he is chronologically old enough to get his learner's permit to drive, and is soooo much smarter than I will ever be, that emotionally, he is only about 7 or 8 years old. And, the fact is, he may not ever get any older in that sense.

Crazy Man saw all of this. I think he finally understands when I come home physically, and emotionally exhausted from a dentist appointment with The Boy. Of course, he didn't immediately offer to take him the next time!

After the band-aid, there was nothing more said about the shot. And there won't be until the next shot is due. Or until he actually gets the flu this year and reminds me that the shot didn't work!


As you can see by the new little button I added on the left, I have joined the Secret Santa Soiree. I found this somewhere (sorry, I would tell you exactly where, but I honestly don't remember!) and clicked to see what it was all about. I discovered that what happens is that if I joined, I would get information about someone out there in the wide world of blogging, read all about them, then shop for them for Christmas. In doing so, someone else out there would be doing the same for me. Sounds like fun, huh?! I thought so. I love giving things that are totally unexpected.


I have to go have my picture made shortly. I wasn't able to get it done on the day they had school pictures, so today is re-take day and they got me all signed up. Goody goody! I am so excited! *how does sarcasm look on me?!*

I hate having my picture made. I guess The Boy comes by it honestly.

The Boy has joined FBLA at school. I am proud! I told him that he had to join at least one club at school for the social aspect of it. He decided on FBLA. He is the only Freshman in the club! He has gotten a t-shirt that shows he is a member and has already had his first fund-raiser of selling some candy. He sold all of that very quickly. Today, he gets his first ever Club Picture made! Yaaay! I am hoping that he will stick with this club and make friends.

Speaking of friends, he has asked if he can invite a couple of boys in his class over to the house so they can all play video games. Playing video games is not the kind of thing that most parents want there kids to do all the time, but if this is how he can socially interact, then I am all for it.

The problem comes in with finding the day to do it. Since he is only with me every other weekend, it becomes difficult finding the right day. Especially this time of year. He is with me this weekend, but he didn't decide he wanted to invite these guys for sure until this week. The next weekend is his birthday and that would be the perfect time....except he is not with me. The following weekend is Halloween and he doesn't think that would be a good day. The next weekend he is with his father and the one after that is my Little Little Brother's birthday. But, I think we are going to schedule it for then. That gives The Boy plenty of time to prepare. Now all we have to do is keep our fingers crossed that those who are invited will come.

Ok, this feels like it has been a long post. Probably has! Seems like once I am able to actually sit down and start to type, I have a lot of things on my mind. Most of them are random thoughts, but, at least I have a place where I can talk and say what I want to say. Guess that this is better than talking out loud to myself anyway! At least people don't look at me like I am a total lunatic.

Or at least not people that I can see looking at me that way!

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