Friday, October 23, 2009

Day Off

I am writing this today at the library, and I know all of their computer stuff is different from what I normally use. Therefore, I am not quite sure what this will actually look like when it is posted.

Why am I using someone else's stuff today? Well, lucky me is off work today. Yesterday was only a half day because of parent/teacher conferences. When we have those, the next day, we are off. Wish we had them once a month!

When I left work yesterday, I took The Boy home and we got us something to eat and then headed into town for his weekly appointment. Once that was over, it was back to the school for his conference. He did excellent. He got six A's and one A-. I have to put it like that or he corrects me! Personally, I just say he got all A's. I am really proud of him.

This morning I got to sleep an hour later than I normally do. Wish I could have slept more, but we had things to do. Sinatra and Ziggy both had their yearly vet appointments this morning at 9:30. It is a 30 minute drive to the vet's office, and The Boy decided he wanted cinnamon rolls before we left.

Around 8:30 or so, my mom called to let me know that the creek was out and my dad said that I should plan on being out of the house by noon if I wanted to get out this weekend. And I definitely want to get out this weekend!

I just read what I typed and it doesn't make a lot of sense to anyone but me so let me clarify. The picture at the top of this page is what I see when I look out the door of my house. When it rains a lot in a short amount of time, there is some flash flooding. This means that all the ditches are full and parts of the road are covered and I am not going to drive myself through that water. When it rains a lot over time, there is a creek that is less than a mile from my house. It decides to get out of it's banks and flood not only the roads but the fields. And that includes the one that you see in the picture. When that floods, there is no way to get in or out. Therefore, I am stranded until the water decides to go back down.

Today, on the way to the vet, the ditches were full and the creek was out in a couple of places. The roads were not covered at all. However, when I came back through and hour and a half later, the water was higher and there was water covering about a quarter of one of the roads. When I left my house about 30 minutes after that, the road was about 3/4 covered. Now mind you, it wasn't terribly deep, but I refuse to drive through any of it no matter how deep if it is moving at all. So, it was probably a good thing I left when I did.

This is the weekend that The Boy is with his father. Crazy Man and I are planning on heading to Nashville. They have a great big flea market there once a month with October being the biggest of them all. My parents and my mom-in-law are also going with us. Crazy Man has a sister that lives down there, so we will all be staying with her. The worst part is the fact that we are leaving after everyone gets off work today and then coming home tomorrow evening. I would rather wait until Sunday to come home, but others have to be home before then.

Sunday is The Boy's birthday. He will be 15 and I have decided that I am not old enough for that to happen! When he is dropped off on Sunday afternoon, we will have cake and ice cream at my grandparent's house to celebrate. He tells me that his father is supposed to take him (along with 2 stepbrothers and a stepmom) to St. Louis to celebrate all three of the boys' birthdays. The other two had birthdays in September if I am remembering correctly.

Last Sunday, we celebrated part of The Boy's birthday by going out to eat. I will try to post pictures early next week of all the celebrating we did.

Until then, I am outta here. Gotta make sure everything is ready to go, plus The Boy is hungry, so need to go feed him some dinner.

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