Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Still Waiting on That Deep Breath

I am still waiting for that minute of time where I can take a deep breath and just breathe! Guess I can get that later, huh?!

Yesterday I went to a mandatory meeting in which all program managers are required to attend to discuss our contract with the state. (I guess since they are the ones paying my salary I will do as I am told and attend!) Anyway, I did learn a few things of which I was not aware.

One was the fact that we evidently have an amazingly awesome janitor. How do I know this? Well, apparently there are tons of flu cases surrounding us, but none have made it into our school. I know that now that I say that, we will probably be having to close the doors for several days soon. I also learned that I am not the only one that has had to cancel their flu shot clinic because of no vaccine available from the local health department. And, I am not the only one who is curious as to why this is. Supposedly we will still be able to get the flu shots as soon as they get more, but they don't think that will be until the end of October or the beginning of November. Oh well. All we can do is wait and see what happens.

I also learned that I am not the only one who is feeling like I am so far behind that I have lapped myself. It seems that most of the ones that I talked to/heard from yesterday are feeling the same stress.

On a positive note, my friend's grandbaby has not only been released from NICU, but has also been released from the hospital period! This is a great thing! I tried to call last night, but didn't get a response, so can only assume that things are going well at home. I will talk to her and find out if it is ok to post a pic of the baby. I got a couple of really sweet pictures!

Now to The Boy. Yesterday he came home and told me that he had a test today in American History. But, he had not brought his book or anything else home to study. How does that happen?! He knows he has a test, but nothing to study by. I asked how he did on his recent Biology exam. He told me that he had gotten a "79 I think" on it. He wasn't very happy with that grade.

How did I feel about the grade? Well, let me explain my whole approach to grades. I don't care. Sounds callous, huh? Well, not really. What I don't care about is the actual grade itself. Don't get me wrong. I want my child to do well and to succeed in school. However, I don't care what the actual grade is. My thought is that if he has a 22% or a 102% as long as he worked hard and did the very best that he could do, I am happy. I want him to be happy with the grades he receives. Therefore, the grade is not what is important.

Now, am I happy with this grade. Nope. Why not? Because he did not do the best he could possibly do. I know this because he did not study. He did not one time bring home a book to open and just even fake that he was studying for the test! He is not happy with his grade, therefore I am not happy with his grade.

After having a looooong talk together, I think I have figured out part of the problem. He has a planner in which he is to write down his assignments/tests/etc. However, he has yet to do this. He tells me that he could write it down when he has a test, but unless he remembers to look at it, he would not bring home the stuff to study. He then goes on to say "this is all so hard. It is like I have a test in something almost everyday. Sometimes more than one test in a day." That comment is where I am taking my cue. I think he is becoming overwhelmed with all that is required of him.

Maybe I am wrong?? Anyone out there with a thought? I want to talk to his LD teacher, but she is gone today for a meeting, and is supposed to be back tomorrow. I just don't know what to do about it all.

I got his mid-quarter grades a week or two ago and he had an "A" in all subjects, but when he stresses about a 79% and he has not been studying for his tests, I am wondering just what is going on and if there is any thing else I should be doing.

I know to most parents that sounds really stupid. I am aware that most parents would be thrilled to see their child's report card that lists all A's. Especially if they could say their kid got those grades without studying. But for a child who doesn't study because he "forgets" and who did not have this type of problem at all until this school year, I am a little concerned.

Maybe I shouldn't be. But I am. And since I am his parent, I guess I have that right.

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