Tuesday, September 15, 2009

True Story Tuesday

Thought I would try something different today. Found this over on another blog called Once Upon A Miracle. She called it True Story Tuesday and it seems you are supposed "to tell the story of anything amazing, hilarious, outrageous or miraculous (and TRUE) that has happened to you."

So, since I always say that I could have my own reality comedy show if someone would just follow me around with cameras all day everyday, I thought this may just be fun.

Gosh, there are so many things that I don't know where to start! How about this one:

When The Boy was about 5 years old, I worked for a hospital under a grant program in which I went into the homes of first time low income moms. I would follow along with them, meeting once every couple of weeks with them throughout the pregnancy and until their baby turned 2 years old. I had 25 different girls that I was following along with their babies. Because we taught sooooo much stuff to them, we had to have a lot of different teaching materials.

One of the items that I carried with me was a giant board book that showed the true sizes of a fetus while growing inside it's mom. Along the edges of the pictures, there was all sorts of information to talk to the mom about. On the last page of the book, it showed a drawing of a mom who was breastfeeding her newborn.

Because I was away at a meeting one day, my parents picked up The Boy after school and brought him home with them using my car. Of course, that book was in my car and of course, The Boy loved to look at it.

Evidently, The Boy asked his grandma just what the mom on the last page was doing. My mom told him that "she is feeding her baby."

The Boy asked if she was feeding the baby milk from her boobies.

My mom answered that yes she was.

The Boy thinks about this. After about 10 minutes, he says to her, "My Aunt Michelle could feed her new baby like that, right?"

Again, my mom answers yes.

The Boy thinks on this bit of info and decides that "if my mom has a baby, she could do that too. But my mom can't drink milk, so one boobie would have milk and one would have Sprite."

My dad nearly ran off the road because he was trying not to laugh so hard. Luckily, they all made it safely home with a story to tell.

This is definitely a true story that we still talk about to this day. Not sure The Boy finds it nearly as amusing as the rest of us though!

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