Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday Fragment time!  Should you wish to join in, just head on over to Mrs. 4444's place and link up, or just see how fragmented everyone else's week has been.

As you can tell from my not being around for a week, it has been chaos around here.  My whole week has been nothing but fragments!  I have actually got a few things to say that could take up a whole post, but just can't find the cohesiveness needed to form a complete post.

Today is the last day of the school year.  For that I am very happy!  Next year (if I still have a job here) we will be in a brand new elementary building which sits directly across the street from the high school.  That will make things a lot easier.  I have yet to move anything from this room to that one.  Some would say that I am being obnoxious and rude about it, but why would I want to pack everything that belongs to the school and try to squeeze it into a tiny little space when I don't know if I will even be using it next year?  Call me obnoxious if you want!

Last night was the school board meeting where they were supposed to make a decision about rehiring the non-certified staff for next year.  I am considered one of those.  However, when I am hired, the board always puts the stipulation of "pending funding".  I completely understand this.  But it makes me angry too.  Because my position is funded by a grant through the state, the board will only hire me back if they receive the funding.  When I asked a board member last night if this district even wanted a nurse, he emphatically told me that they did.  But when I pointed out to him that if I am hired "pending funding" then what I am actually being told is that the district only wants a nurse if someone else pays for it.  He had no response.  And all I had were tears of anger.  I am total limbo here.  I can't look for another job because I don't know if I still have the one that I have now!  And, if this year is the same as all the years past, then I won't actually know if I have a job until August....about a week or so before school starts.

Yesterday the superintendent came to me and told me that there was going to be a scaled back version of summer school this year because the funding from the state is not like it should be.  He told me that I would be the secretary as well as the nurse for summer school.  The reason is that this way he can fill two spots with no money out of pocket.  He has never paid me extra to work summer school.  Despite the fact that every other person working it takes home a nice extra check.

Tomorrow, I am involved with putting on a scavenger hunt, bike show, raffle and all sorts of other things to support our local Veteran's Home, the Fischer House, and the Legacy Fund.  It is all being put on by our local chapter of the American Legion Riders.  This is the first time we have attempted something like this, so if you could just say a little prayer that the rain stays away and the turn out is good, it would be much appreciated!

Last Sunday on Mother's Day, I took some pictures of The Boy, Little Little Brother and Nephew.  I haven't been able to go through them all and decide which are the best, but once I do, then I will show them on here.

Yesterday I bit the bullet and set up a Facebook page.  I have no idea as to how to use this thing!  Crazy Man has been wanting me to set it up and I have been resistant.  Shoot....I can't even keep up here!  But, within a week, two people that I haven't talked to in a long time asked me to find them on Facebook, so I finally caved.  Guess Crazy Man will have to show me how to work the darn thing!

That is all the fragments of the week that my brain will acknowledge at this point, so I guess I am done.  Hope everyone has had a great week and will have an even better weekend.


  1. I hope you enjoy face book, I swear it is so addicting. I love being able to get all the family and friend news in one place. I wish you luck with your job times seem to be so bad!
    I have a 12 year old grandson who is severely autistic secondary to a syndrome (smithslemlyopids) he is such an angel!
    Happy Friday and I will say a little prayer you get no rain for such a good cause!

  2. Much sympathy for the job uncertainties, what a horrible situation.

    Good luck with the scavenger hunt and all, sounds like fun!

  3. I really love Facebook, because it keeps me in touch with my family (which is huge.) I think it's actually easier to keep up there, because you can put up brief updates and don't have to read EVERYONE's updates.

    That has to be a very unsettling feeling; not knowing if you're going to be rehired or not. I don't blame you for not jumping on the move. Good luck with that.

  4. I worked for 9 years as non-certified staff. I liked the content of my job, LOVED being around the kids, but the district BS??? Quite happy when I found a job elsewhere. Quite happy.