Friday, December 4, 2009


Do you know how hard it is to buy a gift for someone you don't know?  I have joined the Secret Santa Soiree (as noted by the button over there on the left).  When I stumbled across this idea, I thought it would be great fun.  Don't get me is great fun.  However.....  
When all these people signed up, I went browsing all of their sites to see what I could find out about those who were on the list.  As I was looking, I came across one that I literally stopped and said "this is the one I will be paired with to buy a gift for."
I don't know why I thought this other than the fact that as I was looking, I felt that this would be the person that would be so difficult for me to buy for.  Why?  Because we are complete and total opposites!  
This girl is really a girly girl.  Me....not so much!  Now, I am not saying anything that she hasn't said herself, so don't think that I am judging her because I am not. She loves the color pink, and I think that I actually own one pink scrub top and a pink sweatshirt.  I do own a pink pair of fake crocs and the tennis shoes I am wearing are pink...but this is not my favorite color.

She lives in the city and as you can tell by the name of this blog, I definitely do not!  I also had a hard time coming up with something because she rarely posts.  It is really hard to get to know someone when they don't put much out there.  

Now, having said all of that, I think that I found something that she will enjoy. I make no promises though.  Is it a girly girl gift?  Is it something pink and frilly?  Can't tell ya that!  I haven't mailed it yet and I have not told her who I am yet.  I don't think that she visits here, but I don't want what I am sending to be blaring from the page just in case she does and figures out I am talking about her!  

Now all I have to do is pack it up and get it to the post office.  I am thinking of having my Crazy Man mail it while he is out on the road. That way she won't know (in case she does happen to stumble across this little lost in the woods post) where it really came from.  And, I am really looking forward to seeing what my Secret Santa picked out for me!  Maybe I am just as hard to buy for since I could be that person's opposite too!

In other news....

I found some of the items that I had bought for Christmas online for less money than I spent at the store.  So, I placed the order for them and will return the ones that I bought in person.  Am I the only one who does that?!  Please tell me that I am not!  I did that with three things this year.  Two of them were for The Boy.  I am waiting on the delivery of six or seven things that I found online that we could not find in the stores.  I have been told that they will all arrive before Christmas, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. 

The Boy is obsessed with this video game called 'Halo'.  Now, I don't know a ton about it, but I do know that it is a war type game.  I personally don't like those types of things, but how do you change someone's obsession?  Anyway, he loves the game and everything about it.  
When people use the term obsessed, it could mean anything.  However, when I say obsessed, I mean it!  How obsessed you ask?  Well, obsessed enough that he has already told me that he will be going to college to get a degree so that he can work for this company that makes this game.  He has already looked into what jobs they have available at this time to see what kind of degree he may need.  He has looked for a college close by this place to determine if they would be able to provide the degree he would need.  He has even gone so far as to look online to see if there were houses available to buy so that he would have a place to live. And, he only looked in a 7 mile radius from the company's headquarters.  I'm telling you....obsessed!
There are chapter books that have been written based on the game's premise and I took him to our library to look for them.  When he realized that they did not have them, he was a bit upset.  But, I told him that he could always request that the library get them.  He didn't think it would work, but I convinced him to ask anyway.  About four weeks ago, the library called and said that they had books on hold for him.  We went in, and they had ordered two sets!  They checked out one set to him and put the others on their shelves.  He was so excited!  He has been reading them and is now working on getting the last one read.
I found a big book called the Halo Encyclopedia.  This is going under the Christmas tree with his name on it!  Matter of fact, this is one of the things that I bought and then found online cheaper.  It was delivered last night, so this weekend I will be returning the other one.  

We also found that there are Lego sets that are based upon this video game.  Needless to say, he will be receiving some of those from family also.  He loves Legos and Halo.  How can we go wrong?!
This morning on the way to school/work, I asked The Boy if he had gotten his Christmas shopping done.  He of course said no.  I was teasing him and asked when he was going to buy my gift.  He just looked at me and said "I know people."  I busted out laughing and asked if he was a member of the Mafia!  He just grinned and said "maybe."  He just cracks me up sometimes!
I think this weekend we are going to stay home and try to get the Christmas stuff out and things wrapped to put under the tree.  First we have to clean out a path in the garage to get to the things though!  One of these days I am hoping to become more organized.  Maybe when we build onto the house that will happen.  Until then I am stuck with just clearing a path! 
As I finish up here, I realize that when I am able to sit down and actually type out a post, they all end up pretty long.  I can't imagine that I have that much to actually talk about!  And maybe I don't.  But typing the words rather than just saying them to myself seems take longer!  Sorry if anyone out there reading these things thinks that I talk too much.  Normally I am a pretty quiet person.  Always been easier for me to write what I am thinking rather than say it, I guess.

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