Sunday, December 20, 2009

I Love Mail!

I got to my parent's house on Friday after school/work let out to pick up The Boy and my mail.  I had a package waiting on me!  From my Secret Santa....who by the way happens to live in Jenks, Oklahoma!  Didn't know exactly where that was, so I Mapquested it and discovered that it is just a bit south of Tulsa and is about 444 miles away from me.

Anyway, I restrained myself from opening the package until I could get home to take pictures.  That was tough since it had fragile written on it and it was just calling my name to see what was so breakable. 

Once I broke into the package, (they had it taped up pretty darn good!) I discovered this:

The outside wrapping that it was shipped in was an inside out Bath and Body Works bag!  I love the snowman box.  Once I opened it up, I found:

a happy snowman card.  Below the card:

Ghiardelli chocolates!  Getting good already!

Peppermint Bark, Pecan Pie and Eggnog flavors.  I have never had the Pecan Pie or Eggnog flavors before, but love the Peppermint and am looking forward to trying the others.  Digging further, I found:

a candle that looks like a Candy Cane.  I actually sniffed it to see if it also smelled like a Candy Cane!  I carefully removed:

a really cute Santa ornament and:

a nifty little Santa mug.  I love the tiny Santa sitting on the handle!

You put it all together in a pile outside of the cool shipping box and you get:
a whole bunch of goodies that my Secret Santa picked out specially for me!

Thank you Secret Santa!  I love the whole box of cool Christmas goodies!

And a major thank you goes out to Georgie and Amy.  They have done an awesome job of coordinating this Secret Santa Soiree.  I know that there have been some issues, but I truly hope that they will brave the elements again next year.


  1. I am so happy that your sss gifts arrived! your sss really did a great job those ghiardelli's look delish and that mug is adorable!

    we are so glad you joined us this yr! And we will be back next year better than ever

  2. Hi! I'm your secret santa. I so hoped that you liked your gifts. It's been hard following you in private and not commenting. Come visit my blog

    have a merry christmas!

  3. Thanks soo much for my gifts and stopping by my site to let me know who it was.. i love my gifts.. You got some pretty cool gifts yourself.. I love the santa coffee mug its cute...