Thursday, December 17, 2009

Crazy Week

When we got home on Sunday afternoon, this is what we found.

We had to hunt for the actual mailbox.  Once my Crazy Man climbed over the ditch and worked his way through the thorns to the other side of another ditch,

this is what he found.

Once I made it inside, I ended up calling the police to file a report.  I told them that this was the second time this had happened.  The officer asked if I had made a prior report.  I told him no and he wanted to know why I had not.

The first time it happened, it was summer.  We thought a tractor pulling a farm implement had hit it.  Once the farmer realized he had done it, he stopped and threw it in the ditch out of the road.  Now, we are thinking otherwise.

I also told the officer that it looked as if someone had tied something around it to actually pull it off instead of hitting it to knock it off.  He wanted to know why I thought this.  I told him it was because the nails holding the darn thing on were not bent.

I then went on to tell him that I had been having telephone problems that I reported on November 23rd.  I told him that the following day, I found this:

Someone had taken/destroyed the casing that is supposed to contain these wires.

I told him that these things don't seem coincidental.  He agreed.  He asked if I had anyone who was mad at me.  Duh!  I am a school nurse.  There are people mad at me on a daily basis!  My brother is also pretty ticked at me.

He asked if anyone had made any type of threats against me lately.  I told him that only my brother.  He asked what type of threats and I told him.  He asked if he should go speak to him.  I pleaded with him not to do so.  When he asked why not, I told him that if he went to question my brother about suspicious activity on my property, that would just make things worse for me.  He told me he understood but still wonders if it was him.  I don't think it is and told the officer that.  I told him that I think if it was my brother, he would make sure that what he did was more personal....and probably not a felony...just something to make me more scared.

At this point, the officer says that he will make a report and will have the police in my neighborhood much more frequently.  He said that he would try to have an officer patrol around my home at least once a shift.  I don't know if that is actually happening since I haven't seen them since making the report, but I guess I have to trust that it is.

I did tell the officer that I had a loaded weapon at the ready.  He told me that I had every right to protect myself and my property.  I told him that he needed to let his fellow officers know especially if they decide to knock on my door.  I would hate for there to be a shoot out by accident!

He told me that I am to call him immediately if I notice any strange vehicles in my area.  I told him that if anyone drives down my lane, they are considered a strange vehicle since usually nobody comes to my house without calling first.

In other news....

I was not at school/work again yesterday.  The Boy woke me up nearly in tears with back pain that spread around to his belly yesterday morning.  Once he settled down a little, the pain seemed to be focused around his belly button and then towards his right side.  He also had a low grade temp.

We ended up at the doctor's office waiting for about 3 hours to rule out appendicitis.  After the exam, the doc said that he truly did not believe that he had appendicitis, but he wanted the lab work to back him up on that thought.

He told us to get the labs drawn and then come back and wait for the results in his office.  He did not want us to leave until he could tell me face to face that the labs were fine.

Neither me nor The Boy wanted to get labs drawn!  He was quite terrified while waiting, but did an excellent job of not melting down.  Luckily the girl got it with one stick.  I was really proud of him.

The final word from the doc was this: "According to his labs, he doesn't have appendicitis. Could just be viral, but I will be here Thursday and Friday if you need me."

I am really glad that we didn't have to have surgery.  That would not have been fun!

Before Crazy Man got home last night, I had to take The Boy to my parent's house because I had to go to the funeral home with a friend.  The mom to one of the girls I grew up with died.  So, another friend and I went together.

This woman was truly loved!  We stood in line for nearly an hour.  When we left, the visitation was only supposed to last for another 45 minutes, but there had to have been enough people that it was going to be at least another hour and a half to two hours.

She was a beautiful woman, both inside and out.  I can remember her throwing her daughter a surprise birthday party one year.  She came to school and picked up several of us and then we headed to her house.  She had her daughter ride the bus, just like every other day so that when she got home, we were all waiting for her!  And this woman could cook!  She made the best cinnamon rolls I have ever eaten!  I know that my friend will miss her terribly.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the rest of this week goes well.  We only have today and half a day tomorrow.  Hopefully The Boy will be well enough to make it through these.  He has finals both days, so I am hoping that those go well also.

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