Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

Well, school is back in session, so I should be able to post here more often than I was able to do during the summer. We started back yesterday. Actually, I started back on Monday, but yesterday was the first day the kids all returned. So far, so good I guess!

The other school that I am in charge of as the nurse has had a change in nurses. So, I will be trying to teach that nurse what she has to do, how she has to do it and when it has to be done according to the state contract. Not sure how it will work out since she is the daughter of the secretary over there. Could be for a fun time!

The Boy started his Freshman year yesterday. He is looking forward to some of the classes and not so much the others. One new thing he is enrolled in the year is called "Transitions". This is brand new to the school and the teacher is one of his LD teachers. She told me that the kids enrolled would be learning things they would be needing to know to live on their own in the future. She has already gotten them set up to do some laundry and run a copy center for the high school. She has said that one thing she would really like for them to be able to do is to cook a meal for the school board one evening. I think this will really help The Boy's confidence/self esteem and it will hopefully help me to feel more comfortable in leaving him home alone for more than just a tiny bit at a time. I guess we will both be learning something this year!

The Boy is worried about English (which is normal since he has written expression difficulties) and Math. Not sure why he is so worried about math since they are allowed to use a scientific calculator and he is a whiz when it comes to that. (Me, on the other hand....have no clue what to do with a scientific calculator!) He is looking forward to Biology I. At least I think he is. I think what has us both the most worried is that he has some new teachers that he has never had to deal with before and we aren't sure what to expect. Once he settles into the routine of his classes, I think he will be just fine.

Ziggy was taken back to the vet again. I'm about to get tired of that! He has his third UTI since the middle of June. They gave him another shot of antibiotics and we are trying a special food they say will help. I don't know what to do if tis doesn't help. He is about to cost me as much in medical as The Boy this year!

It is time to go home, but I wanted to leave this post since it has been a while. Plus it helps me to just write sometimes. If others are still out there reading, then that is good too!

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  1. Hey Ima,
    I have been following your blog and have commented a couple of times. I am also a nurse with a 14 year old son with Autism. He will begin 8th grade on 8/25. He is not as high functioning as your son. T is in a special ed class with an absolutely wonderful teacher (same teacher for the past 2 years). Also, my husband is a teacher at his school, which has been a huge blessing. I will be closely following your son's progress this first year of high school, as that is the next step for us. I am glad that you are posting again. I enjoy your humor and straightforwardness. And yes, that is a word. I just typed it! Have a great weekend! gin