Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Look who is here!

So, as you can see, (if you are still checking here) I am able to post something today. I had to come to town for some things and decided to stop in at the library.
What has been happening? Well, several things actually.
The Boy made it home (finally). We both survived it, but I am thinking just barely! He has been a bit different since he got home. By that I mean that he has picked up an attitude that I have been trying to correct. He has been back-talking and has been acting like he is smarter than the rest of us. That of course does not fly at my house! I don't think he even realizes he is doing it until he is called on it. He has also decided that he can't go to bed unless I am also going to bed. I don't know what that is about! He wants to go with me or with my Crazy Man instead of being by himself. Took him being home about three weeks before he even asked to spend time with my parents and brother. THAT is saying something is not quite right!
So far, Ziggy seems to be doing fine from his recurrence of a UTI. (Now saying that, I will probably go home to find him in distress again!) He lost about a pound while The Boy was gone, but we are trying to get him to gain it back. He really missed his boy! Since coming home, I can pretty much tell where I will find Ziggy....right next to The Boy!
I am looking for a different job, but that is really nothing new I guess. I figure I should always be on the lookout for something new and interesting to see if I can learn other stuff. I guess to see what opportunities present themselves to me. Right now, I am in charge of two different school districts as the nurse. There was another nurse working at the second school a couple days a week, but I was just informed by her late last week that she has decided not to come back this coming school year. (So if there is anyone out there that is an RN who would like to make a tiny bit of extra money by working at a school for two half days a week, let me know!) That is all in a mess at the moment. And, of course, school starts soon.
Matter of fact, I have to report to school on August 10, with the first day of student attendance on August 12. Not sure that either me or The Boy is ready!
My uncle brought my cousin up to visit this past week. He turned 3 on July 18. (The cousin, not the uncle!) We also welcomed his baby brother into the family on July 20. No pictures yet, but when I get any and if the parents agree, I will try to post a couple. My grandma was thrilled since my uncle and cousin stayed with her while they were here. That little boy is a really good kid and just as rotten as we can make him! I am sure his parents loved getting him back! No, really, he is a good kid and we love him to bits.
Anyway, I gotta go. Supposed to be meeting my Crazy Man at the insurance office as soon as he gets back into town, which should be soon. I will post as soon as I am able to do so again.

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