Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dear Someone


As you know, or maybe you don't, I link up with Short Mama to write Dear Someone Letters.  These help me say the things that I would love to be able to tell people, but usually don't.  Enjoy!

Dear Mailman,

Please do not talk behind my back.  Just because I have called and asked that my mail be dropped off at my parent's house does not mean that my husband and I are having problems.  It simply means that with all of the icy weather we were having and now the major possibilities of flooding, I just really need to have access to those bills that continue to be sent to me despite the weather.

Still Happily Married

Dear Major Television Networks,

Do you realize how hard it is to watch your shows when you schedule all of the good ones at the same time?  You know, your ratings for each would rise if you put the good ones opposite the ones that are never watched. Maybe you should try that next season and see if it helps any.

Tired of Having to Choose

Dear Department of Education,

No matter what you do, not every child will be proficient at the subjects that you throw out there.  Have you ever even visited a school?  Do you realize that there are children here that have such major disabilities that they can't even tell you their own names?  And you want them to be proficient at math?!  C'mon.  Really?  Who is coming up with all of your brilliant ideas?  I agree that it would be nice to have a country full of really smart kids who turn into really smart adults, but can we be realistic?

Just Shaking My Head

P.S.  And having end of course exams that count for 20% of the grade at the beginning of April?  There are still six weeks until the end of school!  Shouldn't these be called 'Three Quarters of the Course' exams?

Dear Interviewers,

Can I have the job I interviewed for?  Or at least some other job that I may be even better at?  How about any job that you may have available?  For the same pay as you were advertising of course.  Really.  Just give me two weeks and I would be all yours.  Matter of fact, if I was to tell the Superintendent today, then more than likely he would tell me not to come tomorrow.  Then I could be all yours on Tuesday since Monday is a state holiday.  It would really do my wallet heart good to hear that you want me to work for you.

Waiting on Your Call

Dear Family,

Is this a joke?  You want me to bring the deviled eggs for Easter Dinner, all the while knowing that I can't hard boil an egg to save my life.  You are doing it just so you can laugh at me, aren't you?

I Will Show You 

Dear Second Grade Teacher,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I truly appreciate you boiling the eggs for me.  I am being 100% honest when I tell you that I have tried everything known to man and the middles are still not done.  And I even proved it to my mother who stood over me and watched me start with cool water, and then I even boiled the yolk right out of the thing for 30 minutes before letting the water cool down a little and then running cool water over it again to let it sit for another hour.  And the darn thing wasn't fit to eat.  Sad, ain't it?

Thanks again,
I Can Cook Anything But a Hard Boiled Egg

Dear Mother Nature,

Thank you so much allowing us the privilege of knowing that Mr. Sunshine is still alive and well.  I was beginning to wonder if you were waiting on a ransom or something.  I know that I have not received a ransom letter, but then maybe it was lost in the mail?  Either way, I am glad to see that you have released him and allowed him to return to showing himself.

Very Grateful,
Vitamin D Deficient

Dear Mrs. 4444,

You know how I love riding your coattails linking up to you for your Friday Fragments every week.  But this week, I will not be at school/work because of our abbreviated version of spring break.  Not that you are worried about less link up, I am sure, but I wanted to let you know just on the off chance that I am missed!  I will return to your regularly scheduled Fridays as soon as possible!

Hope to be back next week,
Ima Hick

Dear Anyone Who Has Read Down This Far,

Tomorrow morning I have a special post all scheduled to arrive here around 8am central time.  It isn't linked up with anyone or anything like that, but I would love to have you come visit and read it tomorrow.  And, if it isn't too much trouble, maybe send some others over this way to read it also.  I would love to have the extra visitors!

Thanks so much,
Ima Hick

Did you find anything that you wish you could have written?  If not here, then maybe over at Short Mama's place.  Head on over and see what others have to say.  Tell her I said "hey" and that I sent ya!

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